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Josey's Ship
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Josey's Ship

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Stage 4

The fourth boss in the game Lollipop Chainsaw is against Josey. It first takes place at the roof of the Fulci Fun Center, but shortly after takes place on Josey's ship.


Fulci Fun CenterEdit

In appearance it resembles that of an retro-classic arcade game, with a Diamond Vision marquee screen being displayed as a video screen. The Fulci Fun Center is unique in it's frequent homages to real-world arcade games, as well as bright neon hues, unlike many of the other levels in Lollipop Chainsaw which are dependant mostly on natural lighting. The Fulci Fun Center provides numerous types of entertainment to its patrons, such as the infrequently placed arcades and dance rooms.

Josey's ShipEdit

Josey's Spaceship is larger in proportion to his previous vehicle. It's coloring is that of a standard metallic gray, with five electrical bolts that provide for a shield for Josey's glass dome. Under it lies another dome that carried Rosalind during the boss fight. 

Physical ChangesEdit

During Phase 1, Josey will activate colored neon stairs, so that the player will be forced to attack him from an elevated distance. In Phase 2 the player must destroy the electrical bolts so that his force field will deactivate, allowing the player to defeat Josey.


Phase 1Edit

Juliet first meets Josey when Juliet manages to reach the roof of the building. Their she finds the one who she spoke on the phone and is challenged to a boss fight in return for her sister. Josey will then suddenly be seen riding a mini UFO, with two female assistants, battling Juliet. Josey will fire rays of light at Juliet and hit her with his ship in a boastful manner. After a while, he will be seperated from legs and will initiate the next stage on the top of his larger UFO. 

Phase 2Edit

Juliet will find herself suddenly on a large UFO, with Josey informing her that he will lead his ship towards the boundaries of space, implicating obvious doom. Juliet must destroy Josey's electrical bolts in order to destroy the dome that is protected by an electrical field, while at the same time being attacked by Mini-Joseys. Once all are destroyed, Juliet will retrieve Rosalind, destroy his dome and the rest of his ship. 


  • This is the shortest boss fight in the game (second to Killabilly's), as opposed to Lewis Legend's being the longest.
  • He and Mariska are the only ones that have a time limit. 
  • Even though Juliet's Dad is left behind the roof of the building when initiating the second phase, Gideon somehow still manages to get on Josey's large spaceship.
  • It is unknown who the assistants that ride on Josey's Mini UFO are. 


Phase 1Edit

Phase 2Edit


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Lollipop Chainsaw - Josey Boss Fight08:33

Lollipop Chainsaw - Josey Boss Fight

This video is credited to: Generic Gaming

Music Josey Boss Battle (From Lollipop Chainsaw)05:52

Music Josey Boss Battle (From Lollipop Chainsaw)

This video is credited to: RecSpecReno

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