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Vikke's Ship
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Vikke's Ship

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Stage 2

The second boss fight in the game Lollipop Chainsaw is against Vikke. It takes place on Vikke's Ship.



The Medieval Midgard Serpent

Vikke's Ship Edit

As Juliet and Nick reach the ship of Vikke, the ship floats amongst the dark cloudy skies. The front head of his ship resembles that of a dragon (possibly a Midgard Serpent). His ship is colored a gravely greyish blue with a brown wood inside. Inside it reveals that his ship is powered by several rafts and slaves. It has a long flag pole, thats flag is long, black and tattered. On the right side, their shows a large, skeleton-like arm. Near the far end is a foundation that holds a balcony with a demon skull, for Vikke's drums and what appears to be a leaf-less dark tree.  

Physical ChangesEdit

The right arm of the ship will get destroyed at certain points during Phase 3 


Phase 1Edit

Phase one starts when Juliet reaches the ship and to have Vikke intorduce himself and challenge Juliet. He will use generic melee attacks such as slide kicks and using his club to shock Juliet. He may also return to his post and either summon other zombies to attack Juliet or bring an electric blast that Juliet will have to dodge. When weaken Juliet will cut him in half by the side.

Phase 2Edit

Phase two starts when Vikke reveals that he is not affected by Juliet's attack. In this stage his upper-half levitate. He will still use melee attacks such as ones from Phase 1. Vikke may also be able to summon his legs at random to kick Juliet. When weakened, Juliet will respond by decapitating his head.

Phase 3Edit

Phase three starts slowly when Vikke reveals that his head has grown at a much higher size. He will vacuum his body parts and consume them, the battle starts when he starts to scream. Vikke is then able to blast energy from his mouth or jump unto the ship and bang against it. He will then stop and this will give the player a limited amount of time to defeat him. When weakened Juliet will slice his jaw in half killing him. At the end Yumil may also attempt to attack Juliet, but will fail when she kicks him.


  • Before the boss battle begins, a flag post is seen on the ship within the cutscene, it dissappears after the cutscene ends but reappears when the battle finishes. 
  • If the player used Lolli-O-Copter at Vikke, once near a side of the ship, the player could initiate a glitch where Vikke has fallen off the ship, but is seemingly not dead, but is not to any reach to the player.


Phase 1Edit

Phase 2Edit

Phase 3Edit

After MathEdit

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Lollipop Chainsaw - Vikke Boss Fight10:24

Lollipop Chainsaw - Vikke Boss Fight

This video is credited to: genericHenle

Music Vikke Boss Battle (From Lollipop Chainsaw)08:17

Music Vikke Boss Battle (From Lollipop Chainsaw)

This video is credited to: RecSpecReno

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