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The Unfinished Cathedral is the scene of the fight with the fifth and last "Undead Elite" boss, Lewis Legend. When Juliet first enters the cathedral, Nick remarks how likely it is to be the stage of the final battle.

The Cathedral makes up the latter portion of Stage 5, appearing mostly as the stage on which Lewis Legend is fought. Juliet first enters the cathedral through a construction zone, entering into the chapel, before eventually dropping down through a large hole into the catacombs below.


Construction SiteEdit

The Construction Site is a sub-area that is seen a majority of the Cathedral. Zombified workers and various other were present as Juliet went towards its trail. The Construction Site primarily consists of large unused pipes, untiled floors and incomplete roofs and ceilings. The Construction Site leads to a path to the Cathedral, as well as an area that is built over the catacombs


The Catacombs is a large underground arena, that is consistently colored shades of brown and black. Small headlights over the Catacombs provide small spotlights and visibility for the player. There appears to be a large podium designated for Swan and odd gold, skull king logos and sides of the arena. Brown columns designed to resemble a stack of skulls are centered around Catacombs, which also presumably provide support for a field of energy to prevent the player from escaping in Phase 1.


An opening through a door, shows pews, greek columns and glass-stained windows from an outer interior of the Cathedral. From the inside shows an unfinished Cathedral, with Columns, construction platforms, lights, and an unusual amount of zombies inside. From the oustide the Cathedral's building shows its outer appearance is of gothic architecture. The atmosphere of the area has a dark mauve sky with a bright, prominent crescent moon. When Gideon punches a support column, the building shoke causing it to create a hole to fight the final purveyor.



  • The crescent moon that is prominently seen within this area, may be a reference to the moons of killer7, another video game directed by Goichi Suda that was released in 2005.


  • Strangely near the end, a glitch may occur where Juliet and Nick are having a conversation about Nick's displeasures, at inappropriate times, such as interrupting the dialogue of a cutscene.

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