Lollipop Chainsaw SS 13

Juliet about to execute a Heavy Chainsaw Swing

Description Edit

The Chainsaw Full Swing is one of the combat moves in the game Lollipop Chainsaw, unlockable by purchasing it in the Chop2Shop.zom store.

This move has Juliet do a series of 3 quick Pom-Pom bashes, followed by a spinning leap into the air, bringing a fully swung chainsaw down in a sizable arc in front of her.

Performance and UsefulnessEdit

It is performed with the button combination X,X,X,Y (On Xbox360) or Square, Square, Square, Triangle (On PS3).

This is an exceptional combo move, and one of the first unlocked that can be counted on to repeatedly net large Sparkle Hunting combos when used properly. While it does leave Juliet slightly more vulnerable than later combos (due to fewer disabling Pom-Pom bashes and a slower chainsaw finish) it is still reliable and effective when used properly, due to very good damage and a reasonably wide strike area.

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