The final strike of Cheerleader Chain.


The Cheerleader Chain is one of the combat moves in the game Lollipop Chainsaw, unlockable by purchasing it in the Chop2Shop.zom store.

This move allows Juliet to perform a quick and powerful 6-hit combo on the battlefield, striking multiple enemies at once and softening them for the kill.

Performance and UsefulnessEdit

It is performed with the button combination of X,X,X,X,X,X (On Xbox360) or Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, Square (on PS3).

Once unlocked, this combo becomes the best option for weakening a group of zombies for a Sparkle Hunting combo kill. The individually weak strikes of this attack allow Juliet to herd the zombies into place without prematurely killing them, and the extra strikes afforded by this unlock give more hits to this end.

It should be noted that, if the goal is tightly grouping large numbers of zombies for a chainsaw finish, it is recommended to stop using this combo before the final attack occurs, as Juliet leaps into the air with a splits kick, which sends zombies flying. This will disperse any zombies close by, requiring them to be gathered up again.