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Young Adult

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Stage 1 (Hard), Stage 2, Stage 5


Lollipop Chainsaw

Yeah! Go San Romero High!

— The Cheerleader Zombies

The Cheerleader Zombies are zombie enemy-types, who appear in Lollipop Chainsaw. They are the undead, former members of Juliet Starling's cheer squad, who make their first prominent debut in Stage 2, found harrassing three surviving students, amongst the rooftops of the Stadium

In the game, they often play the role as special zombies, within the first few beginning minigames, set on hard mode. 

They are noted for their increased health, adaptability, and their abilities, that equally challenges that of Juliet's. 

Lollipop ChainsawEdit

SPOILER "Juliet! Look out!"- Dad
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Before the events of the game, the San Romero Cheer Squad competed for the nationals, during a period of three years, having yet to win, to Juliet's dismay.[1]

When San Romero experienced a sudden attack, a hole between Earth and Rotten World was lethally open, and toxic fumes that originated from the Rotten World quickly seeped into Earth, which later led to the deaths and reanimations of the Cheerleaders.[2]

Similarly to the Baseball Zombies, the Cheerleaders never appeared in locations, profoundly far from that of San Romero High. They made their debut in Stage 2, where they are seen harrassing three SOS students at each corner of the rooftops.[3] However, they have appeared earlier within minigames set on Hard, which includes the Zombie Basketball minigame in Stage 1.[4]

The head of a dead Cheerleader can be found earlier within the Stadium, being carried by the ax of a Fireman zombie, probably indicating that she was alive before having a fatal encounter with some zombified firemen.[5] In Stage 5, two Cheerleader zombies are seen accompanying a variety of enemies, attacking an SOS student.[6] At the end of the game, all Zombie cheerleaders, along with numerous other zombies are deceased. 


Shared CharacteristicsEdit

In the game, all Cheerleader zombie enemy-types, are all presented as ponytailed, brunette Caucasians with pale purple skin, who wear the standard cheerleader uniform, while having bodies identical to that of Juliet. This uniform consists of a small purple top, that composes a midriff, supported by two ties, with the San Romero High Logo, "San Romero Knights", with the "I" of Knights being a medieval lance. Below reveals a purple skirt, with a white underlining above, and pink underlining below, as well as a red belt. Other accessories include white, purple trimmed stockings with San Romero Knights placed on the exposed sides of each leg, red leg warmers, red with white sneakers, and pom-poms that bear the colors of their outfits. 

Patterned BehaviorsEdit

Not truly much was known about the Cheerleader zombies, due to their few speaking roles in the game, and the little information that has been mentioned about them. However, some notions have suggested that a minority of these members, had bore a jealousy against Juliet, due to her taking the role as the squad's cheerleading captain.[7][8] One trait that is most prominent amongst Cheerleader zombies, is that most cheerleaders appear to be in a euphoric state; exclaiming overly-positive phrases[9] and posing disoriented smiles. As enemies, the cheerleaders have become very erratic in their nature. After contact with an opponent, they will rush towards them by performing swift flips, as opposed to commonly running, like most zombies in the game. 

Named ZombiesEdit

Image Name Gender Album# Enemy-Type Powers Status
Josephine Female #13 Cheerleader Athletic Ability



  • Athletic Ability: As the former cheer squad of San Romero, Cheerleader zombies maintain abilities that allow them to become flexible and agile in combat, even adapting to situations when absent of their legs. 
  • Evasiveness (Legless only): Cheerleader zombies will now dodge enemy attacks at much faster rates, when at a loss of their legs; quickly strafing to the side, at many moments during combat. 

Close RangeEdit

  • Flipkick: At a close distance, Cheerleader zombies will frequently perform a flip, that will cause its enemy to be flung away from its location. This attack causes minimal damage. 
  • Dance: Cheerleader zombies can perform dance sequences, where they swing their arms at their enemy, causing minimal damage and stunning the opponent. 
  • Swing (Legless only): When Cheerleader zombies have lost their legs, they will swipe their arms at their enemy, causing minimal damage, and difficulty to their defeat. 



  • "Weak Spot": The weakest part of the Cheerleader Zombie's body, is the head. Attacks that penetrate that area, creates more damage to that enemy, speeding up the process of defeat. 

Tactics (Basic) Edit

  • Lollipop Stab (Legless rec.): Performing a Lollipop Stab helps to penetrate the head of the legless Cheerleader. It exerts more force towards the ground, and helps the player reach the enemy. 
  • Chainsaw Blaster: Cheerleader zombies are of the few enemy-types in the game, that will receive more damage when fought with the Chainsaw Blaster. 
  • Dual-Dropkick: Performing a Dropkick on a Cheerleader Zombie, unto the nearest wall will cause the enemy-type to become groggy. Use this opportunity to decapitate the zombie, as time is very limited. 
  • Dual-Butt Attack: Performing a Butt Attack on a Cheerleader Zombie, will immediately render the enemy-type groggy. Quickly proceeding with a chainsaw slash, the zombie will be decapitated after the attack. 
  • Nick Roulette: Certain attack on Nick Roulette, are useful for tackling a varying number of Cheerleader Zombies. Nick Toss and Nick Shoot are useful when attacking a large horde, while Nick Popper can be used to kill the enemy-type when legless. 
  • Star Soul Mode: Attacking enemies with Star Soul Mode, will cause immediate death unto enemies. Only use this attack when most desperate. Abusing this will take away important opportunities, when needed. 

Tactics (Complex)Edit

  • Maelstrom Spin (Legless rec.): Performing a Maelstrom Spin on a legless Cheerleader Zombie, will effectively deplete their health, as the attack makes contact with their heads. When tackling a horde, this attack may become less effective, as more enemies can interrupt the combo. 
  • Armadillo Spin (Legless rec.): Performing an Armadillo Spin on a legless Cheerleader Zombie, will damage their health, as it penetrates their heads, the torso and helps the player reach the enemy. 
  • Jump Stab (Legless rec.): Jump Stab is useful for certain legless Cheerleader Zombies, who swing at the player more repetitively. This prevents contact with Juliet's legs and helps to reach the enemy. 
  • Chainsaw Drill (Legless rec.): When used properly, performing a Chainsaw Drill repetitively, at a legless Cheerleader Zombie, will create more effective damage to its health. 


Various Dialogue

  • Cheerleader Zombies: "Go, Die, Zombie Scum, Ready OK, Undead We Slay! You all suck, and we are great, D- D- Decapitate. U, G, L, Y, wake up, it's time to die!" - (Stage 2)

  • Cheerleader Zombie: "Yeah! Push em' back, push em' back, push em' back!" - (In Combat)

  • Cheerleader Zombie: "Yes!" - (In Combat)


  • During gameplay, all Cheerleader zombies are seen, to share a single game model[10], meaning that there is no variety in their appearance. This appears to contradict what was presented in the game introduction, where many members of Juliet's squad, are seen with different skin tones and hairstyles.[1]
  • In Stage 2, Cheerleader zombies can be found attacking SOS Students, while chanting phrases, spoken by Juliet during events such as Zombie Walk or the defeat of a Named Zombie.[11]
    • It is possible that these cheerleaders were emulating Juliet, as listening closely to their dialogue, reveals that they believe the students to be zombies, and mention Nick becoming a use to their plan to defeat the students. Oddly enough, this dialogue appears to show that these cheerleaders have learned that she is a zombie hunter, and decapitated Nick, despite this being a well-hidden secret. 
  • One can notice that all the cheerleaders' pom-poms are colored accordingly to match their outfits, while Juliet's are gold. This may be due to her status as the cheer squad's team captain.



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