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Alive (Good Ending)
Unknown (Bad Ending)


Professional Ass-Kicker - and business is GOOD!

Voice Actor

Gregg Henry (English)
Joji Nakata (Japanese)


Juliet! Look out!

— Dad before his presumed demise

Gideon Starling (ギデオン・スターリング Gideon Sutāringu) AKA Dad is the father of Cordelia, Juliet, and Rosalind Starling. He is a professional zombie hunter and is more experienced than his daughters. He is strong enough to shake a building with a single punch.

During the battle with Killabilly, Gideon sacrifices himself by riding on a motorcycle filled to the brim with dynamite and riding it into Killabilly's face. The explosion leaves a large hole within Killabilly's head, allowing a grief-stricken Juliet to escape. He is eventually revealed to have survived, but humorously claims he suffered an injury to his testicles as a result.

Lollipop ChainsawEdit

Gideon is first introduced to the audience early within the game, when Juliet mentions about a father, who is sexually attractive to many of Juliet's girlfriends. Gideon is then later formally introduced during the end of Stage 3, where he comes for aid when Juliet attempts to save her younger sister Rosalind.



Through the way with his motorcycle, Juliet introduces her father to her recent boyfriend Nick. Due to Nick's sudden condition, Nick does not hold the approval of Dad as he believes Nick is not to any use for his daughter. This causes him to justify his irrational rage from insignificant events in order to ruin the relationship between the two.

When finally at the Fulci Fun Center, Juliet and Gideon develop a plan in order to retrieve Rosalind. Their plans involve Gideon climbing all the way to the roof of the building to obtain Rosalind, while Juliet acts as a decoy to his actions. Crying out of joy, Gideon offers Juliet a gift from him and her mother before leaving off to the roof.

Once at the roof, Gideon quietly infiltrates the area, looking for Rosalind. As Juliet fights Josey, he abandons the Fulci Fun Center and begins to enter his Ship, causing Gideon to fly towards the ceiling and leaving him at the Fulci Fun Center. Despite this Gideon manages to get back on Josey's Ship, finally retrieving Rosalind and parachuting to safety, just in time before Josey deceived Juliet.
Lollipopchainsaw dad

Juliet! Hold on!

At the cathedral, Gideon helps Juliet along with the rest of her family try to defeat the final purveyor. Reaching their destination, Gideon then punches a column of the unfinished Cathedral, causing it shake and make a hole in the ground. Before Juliet gets in, Gideon give her his support and approval for Nick, as Juliet has shown Nick will be of no burden to Juliet.

When it is realized that the purpose of the Purveyors were to be sacrifices to summon Killabilly, Juliet and Nick race their way to defeat him. When weakened, Gideon sacrificed himself in order for Juliet to defeat him. It was presumed that he died, but it is revealed that he managed to survive, only having a minor injury to his genitals. The Starling and Nick return home in order to further celebrate Juliet's birthday.

Biographical InformationEdit

Lollipopchainsaw dad info
  • Occupation: Ace zombie hunter and pure rock & roller.
  • Relation: Juliet's dad & doting father to his daughters.
  • Favorite Weapon: His own G.D. fists.
  • Favorite Food: Peanut-butter and pickle sandwich.
  • Skills: Bone-breaking, Life-taking, & baby-making.
  • Unknown Fact: Cries anytime a dog dies on TV.

Character DescriptionEdit

Starling Family Portrait

The Starlings


Gideon's physical appearance is primarily based off that of Elvis Presley. This is shown with his reminiscent pompadour hairstyle, square jacket, and particular jewelery around his hands and neck.

Gideon has a sculpted face, with a strong brow ridge, a cleft chin, muscular physique and wrinkles on his forehead to signify age. His jacket is black and white, tiger-printed with black folds around the wrists and shoulders. He has an red undershirt with a collar that is prominent to his upward attire. He also wears black pants, a belt and tan tap shoes.


Gideon has shown to be an over-protective father, who only wants what's best for his family, primarily his daughter Juliet. Because of this, Gideon will fend off anything that may come as a threat to her happiness, particularly Nick. Aside from his parental issues, Gideon has shown to be unrealistically physically fit, capable of committing feats that are nearly impossible.



  • Hysterical Strength: During a point in the game, Gideon has shown the ability shake an area, with a simple punch, causing various objects around the area to collapse, creating a great hole in the ground.
  • Hysterical Fitness: At the Fulci Fun Center, Gideon reveals his physical limitations, as he is capable of leaping incredible feats in a short amount of time.
  • Motorcycle Knowledge: Gideon is capable of using his motorcycle as a vehicular weapon, when ramming through a trail of zombies. The extent of his motorcycle's use is discovered by the end of the game, when Gideon sacrifices himself by forcing his motorcycle to leap.


Gideon appears to symbolically embody Lord Capulet from the original novel Romeo and Juliet. This is shown with Gideon's over-protective love for Juliet, and his disapproval for anyone who might come as a threat to her happiness. Gideon could also be a symbol for the conflict and tensions that are put between them, symbolizing the deterioating relationship between Juliet and Nick. 




  • Gideon's appearance seems to be based on the aging Elvis Presley played by Bruce Campbell in the movie Bubba Ho-tep. He is also the same as that of Elvis, when he died.
  • Gideon's ability to destroy objects with one punch is likely a reference to Albert Wesker's (A character in the Resident Evil series) infamous ability to kill targets with a single punch, an ability which was greatly demonstrated in Resident Evil 5.
  • Gideon is Hebrew for "Destroyer " or "Feller of Trees" which fits in with his superhuman strength. In the Book of Judges, Gideon is the son of Joash and a judge of the Hebrews who destroyed an altar meant for the Canaanite God Baal-Berith (much like how Gideon destroyed Killabilly's face).


  • The Dad outfit is unlockable if the player beats Dad's score on Stage 4.
  • It is revealed in the profile for Stephanie that Gideon went to the same school as Juliet, it also says that Stephanie pleasures herself to his photo in the year book.
  • In the opening it states that Juliet's friends think he is a total D.I.L.F ("Dad I'd Like to er... Friend on Facebook")
  • In the original promotional video for the voice actors, Gideon had more of a Southern-American accent that was toned down for the final release.


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