Game Over Screen

Game Over (ゲームオーバー) is a message in video games which signals that the game has ended, often due to a negative outcome - although the phrase sometimes follows the end credits after successful completion of a game.

The game over in Lollipop Chainsaw occurs whenever Juliet's lollipop health bar is depleted. However, on the difficulty Very Hard and in Ranking Mode it does not allow the player to resume at a checkpoint; rather, they are forced to restart the Stage from the beginning.

A Game Over can be avoided through the use of a Nick Ticket, however, as upon death, Juliet will be presented with a chance to win a "helping hand" from Nick, who will momentarilly appear with his body to lift Juliet up so that she may continue on from where she died. The use of a Nick Ticket fully restores her health as well, and can be used even on the highest difficulty.

Upon death (before the Game Over screen is shown), the screen will turn gray, and Juliet will fall to her knees, uttering her last words before collapsing on the ground dead.

There are multiple game over screens, all of which are randomized, along with Nick and Juliet's dialogue (except for in the Prologue, which uses the same screen and quote every time).

List of Game Over screensEdit


The most common game over. Nick is at Juliet's grave. He begins to talk, but Juliet rises from her grave as a zombie and reaches for him, causing him to scream instead.


This is the only screen used when dying in the Prologue, but it may sometimes crop up in other stages too. Juliet rises from her grave as a zombie, but Nick is not present, and instead, we hear him telling her that he'll always love her.

NOTE: In other stages, due to the fact that the quotes are randomized, we may sometimes hear Nick screaming "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" instead.


Nick is at Juliet's grave, holding a rose between his teeth (Juliet doesn't come back as a zombie in this one).

Juliet's Dialogue Edit

  • "This...can't be happening..."
  • "Oh...Nick..."
  • "Oh...oh...Nick..."
  • "" (Two versions of this. First is said matter-of-factly, second on the verge of tears.)
  • "Oops...I did it again..."

Nick's dialogueEdit

  • "Juliet, I--" [her arm comes out and reaches for him] "AAAAAAAGH!"
    • ALTERNATE: "Juliet, I'll always lo--" [her arm comes out and reaches for him] "AAAAAAAGH!"
  • "Juliet...I'll always love you baby. Always."
  • "Nooo...if only I had protected you..." (normally used on the Rose one)


  • For some strange reason, failing a Nick Zombie Minigame will play the Default Game Over, even though Juliet didn't die.
  • Even if Juliet was wearing an outfit that didn't include the wristband, the Game Over screens where she becomes a zombie will still show her as wearing the wristband when her arm comes out from her grave.


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