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Golden Lollipop Wrappers (ゴールデンロリポップ)  can be found when playing the game on all difficulty levels. The wrappers are usually hidden around the edges of the map and need a keen eye to locate. Once Juliet collects these Golden Lollipops they appear in Juliet's item list in her Lollipop Case.


  • Some Lollipop Wrappers can only be found while playing Hard or Very Hard mode.
  • There are a total of 40 wrappers you can collect in the game.
  • The lollipops are not to be confused with the lollipops Juliet uses for her health.

List of all 40 LollipopsEdit

  1. Flavor: Three Cherry Blend.
    File:Lollipop Chainsaw List of Golden Lollipop Wrappers
  2. Flavor: Quadruple the Flavor.
  3. Flavor: 7 Fruits in One.
  4. Flavor: Ukrainian Import.
  5. Flavor: Chock Full of Fruit.
  6. Flavor: Cow- Fresh Cream.
  7. Flavor: For Strawberry Lovers.
  8. Flavor: Sooth a Sore Throat.
  9. Flavor: 7 Wild Flavors.
  10. Flavor: Lemony, Citrus Flavor.
  11. Flavor: Honeydew Flavored.
  12. Flavor: Made in China.
  13. Flavor: Tropical Punch Blend.
  14. Flavor: Crunch Chocolate Shell.
  15. Flavor: Liquid Center
  16. Flavor: All Flavors Combined
  17. Flavor: Sour and Sweet.
  18. Flavor: 100% Sugar.
  19. Flavor: Fizzy Soda Flavor.
  20. Flavor: Has a Spicy Kick
  21. Flavor: Thunderous taste.
  22. Flavor: Mind-bending flavor.
  23. Flavor: The sour goes to 11.
  24. Flavor: Fruity blend.
  25. Flavor: A new combination.
  26. Flavor: Purple flavored.
  27. Flavor: Fruit of kings.
  28. Flavor: A mountain of mint.
  29. Flavor: Tropical flavor, mon.
  30. Flavor: Galactic goodness.
  31. Flavor: Internal use only.
  32. Flavor: Just like Mom's.
  33. Flavor: Georgia approved.
  34. Flavor: Legal orange limit.
  35. Flavor: Watermelon (and seeds).
  36. Flavor: Thar she tastes!
  37. Flavor: Bubblegum bits.
  38. Flavor: Straight from Japan.
  39. Flavor: Yummy, yummy!
  40. Flavor: Pucker up!

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