Gunn Struck
Gunn Struck
The Lollipop Chainsaw "Gunn Struck" achievement/trophy.


Struck by lightning 10 times.



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Description Edit

Struck by lightning 10 times.

How to ObtainEdit

During Stage 2, allow Juliet to be struck by lightning 10 times on any difficulty. This can be done either from running into the lightning coming down on the rooftops, or from being electrified by Vikke during the boss battle. This does not need to be done in a single playthrough.

Notes Edit

  • The Xbox 360 achievement gives 15 gamerscore.
  • The PlayStation 3 trophy gives a "Bronze" trophy.

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  • The Achievement is named after James Gunn, who wrote the American dialogue and helped write the script for the game.
  • On the achievement icon, it looks as if there a skull fracture in the back of Juliet's skull if one looks closely. She also appears to have some broken bones in her left arm too.