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Josey Frame
Master of Funk








African-American Zombie


Dark Purveyors


Lollipop Chainsaw

Voice Actor:

Dave Fennoy

Time to get the funk out!

— Josey

Josey (ジョーズィーJōzī) AKA "The Master of Funk" is one of the Dark Purveyors of Lollipop Chainsaw. He is the fourth member of the Dark Purveyor encountered by Juliet Starling.

Like Mariska, Josey does not directly confront Juliet, but appears as a mysterious figure on Juliet's Phone, until a proper confrontation is brought upon the roof of the Fulci Fun Center. He kidnapped Rosalind during her boss fight with Mariska. 

He is voiced by Dave Fennoy.

Lollipop ChainsawEdit

The Top of the Building

The roof of the building

Juliet is contacted by Josey, right after Mariska is successfully defeated. Appearing as an odd auto-tuned voice, Josey informs Juliet that he has kidnapped his little sister, Rosalind and that she will not be given back unless she accepts the challenges given to her by Josey. 

Throughout her journey through the Fulci Fun Center, Juliet encounters several phenomenons, where she and Nick have mysteriously entered the dimension of an arcade game. Until Juliet actually reaches the roof of the building, she encounters Josey in person. Josey then informs her that a battle must be properly placed, in order to win back her sister. 


Funk Me

Josey will then be suddenly seen on a mini UFO with two female assistants. Juliet will later cut Josey in half, forcing him to abandon the Fulci Fun Center, and enter his largest spaceship. Juliet follows him, and the two must battle on a ship that is heading towards space.

Juliet defeats Josey by destroying the protective field of his ship, to the dismay that if he is killed, Rosalind will not be given back. After Gideon retrieves Rosalind and parachute to safety, contrary to his own deceptive expectations, he quivers in fear as Juliet destroys the dome of his ship. Josey is subsequently killed by Juliet when she slices both him and his UFO in half.


Lollipop Chainsaw Enemies Josie 08
  • Parliament Funkadelic
  • Rick James
  • Eight-Foot Piles of Cocaine
  • C3P0

Character DescriptionEdit


Josey is presumably the only Dark Purveyor to show little to no significant decay. He is notable for wearing only a bright pink fur coat over a diaper with a pink star, a pink top hat, high-heeled sneakers and skull face paint. Other features include his dreadlocks, a necklace, rings on each finger, and a pink keytar with a microphone attached.

Personality Edit

Out of all of the Dark Purveyors, Josey is the most unusual. Josey speaks without significantly moving his mouth and only speaks through his attached microphone that gives him an Auto-Tuned voice. He has shown to be deceiving, and somewhat egotistical, as he alters an agreement in order for a situation to go in his favor. As Juliet makes her way through the arcade to save her sister Rosalind, Josey tries to make her quest more difficult by teleporting her into game programs and challenging her throughout the stage. When they finally confront each other, Josey treats her condescendingly and agrees to battle her in an arrogant manner.



  • Remote Teleportation: Josey appears to be capable of transferring others into destinations that appear to origin "old-school" video and/or arcade games through the use of random arcade machines. The people themselves appear to become part of the game, with a full-body, one-color glow. It is never explained if this is the cause of Josey's advanced technology or is just a magical ability that Josey yields.
  • Mad Skillz: Though not necessarily an ability, Josey appears to show certain knowledge and cleverness that aids him in situations that typically go in his favor. I.E. Video Game knowledge, Deceptiveness, Technology, etc.

Long RangeEdit

  • Disco Ray: Josey's Keytar will start sparkling and absorb colors of light (as a warning sign to Juliet), then redirect the lights towards her at a maximum of six blasts.
  • Lightshow: Josey will raise his mini UFO and start exposing a light that is coming from Josey's Disco-Like Ball. Two sets of lights then start following Juliet where the player must then start avoiding from. The lights appear to have a laser-like quality to them, as they leave burning marks to the ground as they shift.
  • Bomb Dropping: Josey will start dropping bombs around the room from the height of his mini UFO where Juliet cannot reach. Colorful stairs will be provided for the player to attack Josey, as the bottom will take no damage as it is being protected by a Disco Shield.
  • Electric Discharge: Is an attack used by Josey in Phase 2. These attacks are used to stun Juliet to prevent her from creating damage to Josey's mechanical bolts. They will glow a fiery red when used and may provoke Mini-Joseys when one is destroyed.

Close RangeEdit

  • Disco Shield: Josey appears to have a mechanism that is used to protect himself or his UFO's from taking damage. Examples are the bottom of his mini UFO that get protected during Bomb Dropping, the electric field of his Large UFO, and a bubble much like Mariska's Psychic Bubble that he can use to levitate with.
  • Bomb Circle: Josey will dance on his mini UFO and throw an array of bombs around him to warn off the player to keep a great distance from him.
  • UFO Slam: Josey will slam his mini UFO to the ground, making him vulnerable to an attack if Juliet evades the attack.
  • UFO Surfing: Josey will flip his mini UFO to the farthest end of the area and give his Keytar to one of his Skull Girls, and will start surfing by the edge of his mini UFO towards Juliet. If the player is hit, they may be invited to a Memorize Minigame.
  • Abduction: At higher difficulties, Josey will activate a purple ray that will levitate Juliet and take the player by his grasp. By pressing (B/Circle), the player will escape and hit the disco at the bottom of the mini UFO. 
  • Memorize Minigame: A minigame similar to Simon will start when Juliet is hit by Josey's mini UFO. The player will be given one chance to memorize the pattern (Y/Triangle, B/Circle, X/Square, A/X). A white flash will transition the player to the minigame and Josey will start attacking Juliet, in which successful memorization will cause Juliet, to evade the hits. If missed she will be kicked off by Josey and will take minimum damage. 
  • Mini-Joseys: These are small holographic versions of Josey's head that appear whenever a mechanical bolt is destroyed. They are yellow and will follow Juliet to prevent her from creating more damage to Josey's ship. They will turn red when about to attack and will charge to the ground.


  • Distractive Behavior: In Phase 1, Josey's attacks heavily involve behavior that appear to be boast about his abilities. Because of this, Josey attacks tend to be slow, allowing Juliet to attack.
  • Ineffective Technology: Josey appears to be using technology that is heavily vulnerable to damage. This is openly shown when Josey realizes that the mechanical bolts of his ship can be easily destroyed, which later led to his own demise.


Josey appears to symbolize Swan's own social frustrations and personal desires. This can be shown with Josey's charismatic charm that manages to aid him by his will and his talents that allow him to boast with ease. The fact that Josey was constantly teleporting Juliet and Nick into game dimensions and that he was a deceptive character, may probably symbolize Swan's vengeful desire to toy, betray and manipulate Juliet, like so he felt when she did not show him her love.


  • "Hey there, Juliet. Are you ready to boogie-woogie?"
  • "The one you ain't gonna level up on."
  • "I've got the freaky little superfreak right here!"
  • "If you want your sister back, baby, you need to win a game with me. Make your way to the Fulci Fun Center. I can't wait to party with your corpse like it's 1983!"
  • "I'm Josey James, bitch!"
  • "Are you having fun?"
  • "Can you keep up?"
  • "Woah, baby! Time to get the funk out!"
  • "What's the matter, baby? Didn't you like our phone S-E-X-X-X? That's a pity."
  • "I'm the pervert? You the one with a head hangin' from ya hip."
  • "I already told you, girlie! If you want to win your sister back, you have to play the game."
  • "Light up, please."
  • "Ya feelin' funky? I'm feelin' GOOD!"
  • "Let's get freak-ay!"
  • "I'm feelin' fine."
  • "Are you retarded?!"
  • "I'm feelin' super freaky."
  • "I'm feelin' hot!"
  • "Get funk-ay, girl!"
  • "I'm feeling funky!"
  • "Dance, girl, dance!"
  • "Let's dance!"
  • "Second stage. Initiating funky funky."
  • "Groovy, groovy. This is an announcement to all attendees."
  • "The game has reached the climax! Let the never-ending freakiness begin!"
  • "Let's warp into space. Commencing countdown."
  • "Now everybody together: baby, baby!"
  • "Please, return to your seat."
  • "Take a look around you!"
  • "Don't touch my toys, ya little bitch!"
  • "I paid good money for THAT?!"
  • "Ahhh, you're gonna pay for that!"
  • "Give up the fuckin' funk!"
  • " Oh no, eeeeaaaaatttt my funk!"
  • "Waarrp, funky funky!"
  • "Wait, hold on! If you kill me, you'll never see your sister."
  • "You trusted what I said?! Huh! I'm a mother-freakin' zombie!"
  • "Drop that chainsaw now, ho..."
  • "Funk me."
  • "Meus Vita, Rege, pro nefario coepto!" [Latin > "My life, O King, for Your evil plan!"]
  • "Oh-oh-oh, this ain't funky fine!"


Disco's Dead
Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy
Defeated Josey.


Critical UFO Finish
Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy
Funk Josey in the last 10 seconds.


  • His wardrobe references sub-genres of funk. His high-heeled sneakers refer to funk rock, his fur coat references psychedelic funk, and his diaper refers to electronica (rave) music.
  • It is possible that he is a reference to Zimos from Saints Row: the Third. Proof of this is shown as both have Auto-Tuned voices, wear purple and are African American.
  • His makeup and top hat serve as a reference to Baron Samedi, the Loa of death.
  • He is a reference to the rapper T-Pain in both voice and appearance. T-Pain heavily uses Auto-Tune on his tracks, and usually wears a top hat and has dreadlocks, just like Josey.
  • He resembles the Spirit of Jazz from the BBC comedy The Mighty Boosh.
  • His black skin, top hat and Voodoo makeup make him similar to Dr. Facilier, the antagonist of The Princess and the Frog.
  • His name may be based on Josie and the Pussycats , a group of cartoon band members, who dressed as cats and whose genre was Funk. 


  • He is the only one of the Dark Purveyors to not be heard at all when Swan summons them.
  • He shows very little signs of decomposition, the only visible sign being his bloodshot eyes; though it is difficult to tell, due to his makeup and overall dark skin tone.
  • It is unknown who the assistants that ride on Josey's Mini UFO are. 
  • Concept art shows that Josey's "face paint" originated from an idea that his head would be a completely flesh-less skull. 
  • His aura/energy color is purple.
  • Whenever Josey is speaking, he is seen typing on his keytar, with the microphone up to his mouth. Which implies that he speaks through his keytar.
  • He and Lewis Legend are the only Dark Purveyors who use machines to attack.
  • He is #24 in the Zombie Album.

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