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Josey's Ship also known as Josey's Spaceship is one of the locations in the game Lollipop Chainsaw. This is where Josey's boss fight with Juliet takes place. 


Josey's ShipEdit

During the first phase of the boss fight, Josey will be attacking Juliet with the aid of his miniature UFO. The vehicle riden by Josey is miniature in size. Its shape retains that of a classic UFO, but with purple coloring, pink lights, diamond colored studding near the seating, two skull girls and a disco under it. After Josey is sliced split from his lower half he will abandon his ship into a much larger one. 

Josey's SpaceshipEdit

Josey's Spaceship is larger in proportion to his previous vehicle. It's coloring is that of a standard metallic gray, with five electrical bolts that provide for a shield for Josey's glass dome. Under it lies another dome that carried Rosalind during the boss fight. 


The ShipEdit

The ShipEdit


  • Josey's ship may reference the classic arcade game, Terra Attack a game that involved the player to protect its base from upcoming UFOs.


  • Even though Juliet's Dad is left behind the roof of the building when initiating the second phase, Gideon somehow still manages to get on Josey's large spaceship.

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