*yawn* Welcome to my bedroom. Don't think, that me letting you in here, is an invitation for any funny stuff. I mean, not that I...have a problem with funny stuff. Especially not if you really, REALLY like that person.


Juliet's House is where the Starling Family lives.

Juliet's RoomEdit

If the player goes into Juliet's Room they can change her outfit. Her closet is full of outfits she purchased online with Platinum Medals at Chop2Shop.zom.

In the Japanese version, the anime cosplays are purchased as DLC from Playstation Network or Xbox Live, whereas in the English releases, they are available to buy at Chop2Shop.zom after beating the game once at any difficulty level. The Starling Family costumes are unlocked by beating Dad's score for each Stage. The exclusive Pre-Order DLC content is unavailable if the player didn't order their copy of the game in advance through selected retailers.

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