The Jump Stab in action.


The Jump Stab is one of the combat moves in the game Lollipop Chainsaw, unlockable by purchasing it in the Chop2Shop.zom store.

This move has Juliet leap into the air, before striking rapidly in front of her with chainsaw jabs.

Performance and UsefulnessEdit

It is performed with the button combination of B, followed by Y repeatedly (On Xbox360) or Circle, followed by Triangle repeatedly (On PS3).

This move can be useful for dealing significant damage in a fight where Juliet must otherwise keep moving to avoid damage. Since most combos will lock Juliet into an animation, however short, all of them carry at least a small amount of risk when used in a group of zombies. This move all but eliminates risk, allowing Juliet to jump into a fight from some distance away, strike quickly, and retreat, making this the ideal hit-and-run combo against difficult enemies.

That being said, its very nature prevents it from striking more than 1, or (extremely rarely) slightly more zombies, at once, so Sparkle Hunters should choose different attacks.

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