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Lewis Legend

Lewis Legend
Rockn'Rollin Lewis
The Rock n' Roller Zombie








American Zombie


Dark Purveyor


Lollipop Chainsaw

Voice Actor:

Rick Wasserman

Rock and roll is here to stay, you're not!

— Lewis Legend to Juliet

Lewis Legend (ルイス・レジェンド Ruisu Rejendo) AKA "The Rock n' Roller Zombie" is one of the zombie bosses of Lollipop Chainsaw. He is the fifth and final member of the Dark Purveyors that Juliet Starling faces. Lewis is highly noted for his Guitar in use to counter Juliet's Chainsaw and his deadly transforming motorcycle.

He is the strongest of the Dark Purveyors, and the final sacrifice in order to summon Killabilly.

Lewis is voiced by Rick Wasserman.

Lollipop ChainsawEdit

Hellish Lewis
Unlike all the other Dark Purveyors, Lewis Legend's presence neither implied nor confirmed throughout Juliets journey through the Cathedral. Lewis Legend is revealed through a sudden phase of fire under the Catacombs, when he starts firing bullets towards Juliet. When Juliet challenges him to a battle, he easily accepts, and the two fend off with the use of their weapons.

During the boss fight, Lewis circles around the stage, while Juliet is out of reach, in the protected arena. When Juliet finally dismembers parts of Lewis' legs, he will become provoked and reveal his "Ellyphant" cycle. As a giant mechanical robotic vehicle, the Ellyphant can endure as many attacks given by 

A defeated Lewis

A beaten Lewis

Juliet, even improvising when much damage has been brought upon the vehicle. Once the vehicle has been dwarfed, Lewis becomes at his most desperate, and attacks with what is left of his fierce force. Lewis is killed when his torso is cut diagonally, alond with his motorcycle, which leads up to an explosion, as the last Dark Purveyor.  


Lollipop Chainsaw Enemies Lewis Legend 01
  • Chuck Berry
  • Eddie Cochrane
  • Your screams of AGONY!

Character DescriptionEdit


Lewis Legend is one of the few Dark Purveyors not suffering from advanced decay, the only signs of his zombification being his discolored skin and eyes, as well as a few wounds around his face. His most defining characteristics are his apparent love for leather, sporting a leather jacket with a patch reading "Elephant Rock" on the back, as well as his exposed chest tattoos and of course his pompadour hairstyle. He also has black claws. 


Lewis is one of the more sadistic of the Dark Purveyors, and due to his drawn-out battle, can also be said to be one of the most stubborn. Little is known about him in life, other than his endearing appreciation for rock and roll. He frequently refers to Juliet as "babe" and other flirtatious terms, and thinks very highly of himself, even having an unhealthy obsession with his motorcycle.



  • Teleportation: Lewis Legend is capable teleporting himself through the possible support of his own motorcycle. This is first shown in his cutscene debut, when a blast of fire reveals a weapon-firing dark purveyor. Though he is only seen doing this once.
  • Levitation: When Lewis' legs are sawed off by Juliet, Lewis reveals his capabilities of flight, when blood profusely leaks out of his body. 
  • Physical Protection: Due to his Ellyphant cycle, being well armed, in weaponry, size and armor, this allows Lewis to endure a battle with Juliet for an extended amount of time, more than what is compared to the other purveyors. 
  • Improvisations: With the use of his guitar, Lewis can transform his motorcycle providing him the ability to improvise a battle to better aid him in his favor. 

Long RangeEdit

  • Guitar Gun: One of Lewis' more common attacks, first used while he circles the stage just outside of Juliet's reach, is firing at her with his guitar. Its bullets seen in the cutscene appear to be vague and flashes of light are the only thing visible. During gameplay, shows that the bullets appear to recycle Zed's mohawk discs, but as a much smaller model. Later, when Lewis begins to use his Ellyphant, he will frequently make use of the chaingun mounted on its top.
  • Saw Strike: This attack appears in use only on occasion, due to the fact that Juliet cuts it off shortly after Lewis' Ellyphant goes back to wheels. There will be a QTE opportunity for Juliet to avoid the attack by pushing the saw back at Lewis with her chainsaw.
  • Stampede: Once his Ellyphant has taken on its mech form, Lewis will frequently ride across the stage, ramming Juliet should she be in his way. However, the sheer power of this attack means that if he strikes one of the pillars surrounding the stage, Lewis will briefly be left stunned and vulnerable.
  • Missile Variety: Lewis first uses homing missiles, that escape from the mufflers of his motorcycle, though only in higher difficulties. As each cluster of homing missiles near Juliet, there will be a brief slow-down where she can jump to the side and avoid being hit. During the final phase of the fight, Lewis will rapidly fire orange-colored missiles, though they will not home in on Juliet.

Close RangeEdit

  • WheelStand: While on his bike, he will dart into the center of the stage before spinning in a circle, spewing flames from his bike's tailpipes.
  • Ellyphant Stomp: At frequent times, Lewis Legend will stomp the floor with his vehicle in Ellyphant mech form, where a blast of force is absorbed into the floor, that can cause Juliet to trip. 
  • Arsenal Spin: Frequently when Lewis' vehicle is forced to ride on wheels, Lewis will spin his Ellyphant in order to trip Juliet, stunning her and allowing him to continue to attack. 
  • Explosives: Like his missile attack, Lewis also has a close-range attack that appears only near the very end of his battle. He will lay down dozens of mines on the ground, and then will use his missiles to detonate many of them. Their range, however, is relatively limited.


  • Distractive Behavior: In Phase 1, Lewis will at times gloat when battling Juliet, such as his intermittent visits inside the stage, to perform activities like wheelies that leave him vulnerable to attacks. 
  • Limited Vehicular Endurance: When Lewis begins to repeatedly strike Juliet across the arena, his vehicle may begin to over circuit, forcing itself to get moments of pause and making Lewis vulnerable to attacks.


Lewis appears to symbolize Swan's desire to become an admirable person. This can be shown with Lewis' "tough-guy" personality and his ability to withstand many of Juliet's powerful attacks. The fact that Lewis was the strongest of the Purveyors, may symbolize about Swan's past and how Swan felt as if he is no longer dependent on Juliet, as he had reached his greatest goal.


  • "That smell? This one's a zombie hunter."
  • "Master."
  • "Come on, come on, come on."
  • "Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about."
  • "Ah, cocky little whore. I like that."
  • "I love your passion, babe. Looks like we could make beautiful DEATH together!"
  • "I've got a feeling when I start playing, you're just gonna DIE!"
  • "Rock and roll is here to stay, you're not!"
  • "Alright, chickie, keep up now. We gonna fly. You ready?"
  • "Now let's the depths of HELL!"
  • "Elephant ROCK! Sorry to keep you waiting."
  • "HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!"
  • "DIE!"
  • "Come on."
  • "They don't come bigger than me!"
  • "Eat somma this."
  • "Hey, now THIS is the essence of elephant rock. Make sure you don't fall behind here, doll."
  • "Yeah, baby."
  • "You hurt my ellyphant!"
  • "Baby, are you being serious right now?"
  • "Woah! WOAH!"
  • "What's the matter? This is boring."
  • "Dance, baby!"
  • "Bring on the rage, girl!"
  • "Take me out!"
  • "DEATH together!"
  • "You've got no defense."
  • "I'm unstoppable!"
  • "I'm happy, baby."
  • "Aww man, it's ruined!"
  • "I've got you."
  • "Fuck!"
  • "Shit!"
  • "Meus Vita, Rege, pro nefario coepto!" [Latin > "My life, O King, for Your evil plan!"]
  • "Rockin' fuckin' HELL!"


Rock'n Roll Isn't Here Anymore
Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy
Defeated Lewis LEGEND.
Elephant Tamer
Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy
Counter Lewis' attack 10 times.


  • His appearance resembles Redline protagonist Sweet JP (James Punkhead).
  • His name may be based off of the rock singer Billy Idol, who was involved with the Sex Pistols. Coincidentally, Billy Idol was injured in a motorcycle accident in 1990, which affected his ability to walk during the Cradle of Love music video.


  • The back of his jacket says "ELEPHANT ROCK."
  • His aura/energy color is yellow.
  • He and Zed are the only Dark Purveyors whom Swan actually names.
  • Both he and Killabilly have similar hairstyles.
  • He and Josey are the only Dark Purveyors who use machines to attack.
  • He is #30 in the Zombie Album.
  • The name of the brand of his guitar appears to be Nosferatu.
  • His guitar has shown to have multiple uses. (As a machine gun and guitar to Lewis, A shotgun to Swan)
  • Concept art shows that Lewis could have gotten a much more scarred or even deterioated face. 
  • He is the only Dark Purveyor with a confirmed surname.


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