Lollipop Split

Juliet, and a zombie mid-vivisection.


The Lollipop Split is one of the combat moves in the game Lollipop Chainsaw.

This move has Juliet leapfrog over a zombie, before landing, turning, and slicing the zombie in half with an upward slice.

Performance and UsefulnessEdit

It is performed with the button combination of B near a zombie, followed by Y repeatedly (On Xbox360) or Circle near a zombie, followed by Triangle repeatedly (On PS3).

Early in the game, this becomes one of the best options for dealing heavy damage to single, strong zombies without danger of being struck by enemies. In addition to being very satisfying to watch, this move will instantly kill any zombie whose health is low enough, and is very easy to execute.

As with most 'press-repeatedly' moves, this one unfortunately precludes the possibility of Sparkle Hunting combos.

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