The Lollipops (ロリポップ) are one of the items in the game Lollipop Chainsaw, and a key element of the gameplay mechanics, as well as a contributing factor to the game's name. Strawberry Lollipops are Juliet Starling's favorite treat, and can be eaten in order to restore lost health. Lollipops can be found frequently throughout each stage, as well as purchased from Chop2Shop.zom, and dropped by using the Nick Shake.


  • As well as acting as the main means of recovering health, Lollipops are almost always featured alongside Juliet and her chainsaw in cut scenes.
  • The amount of Lollipops that Juliet can carry changes with difficulty. On Easy - 9, on Normal - 5, on Hard - 3 and on Very Hard - 1.
  • Juliet loves lollipops because she thinks they are yummy and also keep her energy up, but believes she is getting gross and fat for eating a fairly large amount of them.
  • There are also 40 gold lollipops with unique flavors in the game to collect. They appear in Hard Mode and in the Lollipop Case when you collect them all and grant the Lollipop Addict achievement (see Golden Lollipop Locations.


Lollipop Addict
Silver Ps3 silver trophy
Collected all lollipop wrappers.