Lucky Nick is a special move that Juliet can carry out with Nick under the condition that all of her health is depleted. Since Nick Roulette is used to perform this move, it's mandatory for the player to have a Nick Ticket with them to pull this off. This move is represented by Nick's head with a pair of Angel wings and a halo.

Should Juliet lose all her health outside of a quick-time event or minigame failure, she will collapse. If the player does not have a Nick Ticket with them at this point, this will lead to Game Over, allowing them to try again or go back to the level-select menu. If the player does have a Nick Ticket at the time of Juliet's death, however, midway through her collapsing animation, Nick Roulette will trigger all by itself, spending a Nick Ticket as it does so. This version of Nick Roulette is completely made of X results, with the exception being only one result; Lucky Nick. If the player lands on an X result, the Nick Ticket will be wasted and Juliet will die as normal. If the player lands on Lucky Nick, however, then Nick, along with his body, will run into the frame and stop Juliet from falling. After helping her back onto her feet, the game will transition back to gameplay, refilling all of Juliet's health as if nothing had happened.

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