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Nick Roulette


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Nick Roulette is a mechanism in Lollipop Chainsaw, used with the primary purpose of stunning enemies, to alleviate the difficulty of various enemy numbers. Nick Roulette is unlocked in Stage 1 and requires a Nick Ticket to be used.


This move has Juliet playing roulette, where various options are scrolled through a rapid loop, amongst a darkened background with hearts, and the attack that is selected by chance, will be the one attack initiated once returning to gameplay. It is also activated when Juliet's health has been completely depleted. 

Performance and UsefulnessEdit

It is performed by pressing the left analog stick, followed by A (On Xbox360) or X (On PS3).

Attacks featured in Nick Roulette (with the exception of Nick Shake and Lucky Nick), are effective at stunning various enemy numbers, and can thus be frequently useful for beginning players with limited attacks, or players interested in Sparkle Hunting. In other situations, Nick Roulette can cause combat strategies to malfunction. Its rapid loop may deem difficult for certain players, causing them to accidentally select the wrong option; wasting a Nick Ticket and the potential for effective gameplay, especially for Sparkle Hunting. The rapid loop can also cause the player to become hesitant in their transactions, making it difficult to select an attack at the perfect moment, before Nick Roulette ends due to the player's timeful decision. Nick Roulette may become less valued in combat, as the game progresses, especially if the player has purchased more effective combos.


  • In the Mariska battle, there are no options available in Nick Roulette.[1]
  • In minigames, Nick Roulette is disabled from any use, not even allowing Lucky Nick.  


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