Lollipop Chainsaw SS 45

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Overview Edit

The Pom-Poms are one of Juliet's default attacks, along with The Chainsaw. While the Chainsaw is primarily intended for slower, heavier killing blows, the Pom-Poms are used by Juliet to execute quicker, weaker attacks, intended to weaken and stun zombies. However, it is still possible to kill zombies using only Pom-Poms, although this takes many attacks.

Appearance Edit

Juliet's Pom-Poms are gold in color, with wide individual fibers. Notably, they are not visible unless Juliet is using them to attack, at which point they appear in her hands. Pom-Poms strikes are quick, with Juliet assuming various cheerleading moves and poses while attacking. Upon striking an enemy, the Pom-Poms emit a bright flash of gold.

Usage Edit

The Pom-Poms are primarily used for two purposes; fending off groups of advancing zombies, and setting zombies up for a group kill. As individual strikes do little damage, and push the enemy away from Juliet, they are the best option for positioning enemies for a Sparkle Hunting combo attempt.

As a majority of the Pom-Pom combo attacks strike multiple enemies, a large group of zombies can quickly be weakened. It should be noted that once Cheerleader Chain is purchased, the last couple of attacks send zombies flying, requiring careful planning if a combo kill is the goal.

With the purchase of the Power Dumbells and Homing Sneakers, the Pom-Pom attacks become much more versatile and useful, allowing Juliet to weaken zombies more quickly, and move about the battlefield more efficiently from enemy to enemy.

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