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Stage 1

The Prologue, also known as San Romero High School is the BEST!, is the first level and tutorial in the game of Lollipop Chainsaw. It takes place at the location of the Parking Lot of San Romero High School.



The player first enters the stage, when character Juliet discovers a small horde of zombies have been running amok the road leading to San Romero. After crashing into a bus, Juliet leaps out of her bike to discover more zombies at the school.

She takes out her Chainsaw out of her gym bag and begins to massacre them. Once the camera changes angles and Juliet runs the engine of her Chainsaw out of frustration, the cutscene ends and the player has full control over gameplay.

The player must walk over the gates of the school, where they must initiate a slice-down Quicktime Event:

(Y/Triangle) + (Left Analog Stick Down) + (X/Square)

After the QTE has been completed, a cutscene will play where students of San Romero are stuck in a bus, but are unfortunately killed by an explosion. Juliet will trip and the zombies at the gate are repelled and become groggy. If the player chooses to decapitate the groggy zombies they may activate a good potential for Sparkle Hunting or get a note from "How to Cook Zombie" to educate the player about combat. Once the player progresses they will see a Helicopter pass by along with two students crying over a pile of corpses and a Student suddenly getting grabbed by a zombie. 

While passing by, the crying students will die from an sudden explosion of a car's engine nearby. They will also notice that their is a student with a notable icon that says "SOS" over them while they clutch the top of a car out of desperation for help. The game will then play a cutscene where the student is being consumed by the other zombie students and a notecard from the "How to Cook Zombie" will play stating that Kill Zombie has been activated and the player must save the student and kill a certain amount of zombies. 

After rescue the student will reward Juliet with a gratuitous amount of Gold Zombie Medals and will get a note from "How to Cook Zombie" stating that a player can use this currency to purchase items from Chop2Shop.zom. The student will be carried over a yellow emergency bed with the help of the Helicopter and an icon will play stating that the player has just saved 1/3 of the surviving students. 


The infamous flip

A school bus will then suddenly strike a blockade of poorly parked cars, in which Juliet flips out for safety and criticizes the driving skills of the zombie. An arrow will recommend the player to get inside the bus: (B/Circle) and the player will find one of Juliet's Lollipops blatantly inside the bus where once the player grabs it, a "How to Cook Zombie" notecard will inform the player that they can use it to refill their health, by pressing the D-pad of their controller.

After Juliet kicks out the backdoor of the bus the player will have to walk across the auto-shop, where another bus will suddenly crash, leaving a blockade and legless zombies to crawl towards the player that must be defeated. Once the task is complete the player must jump over the bus to find another SOS Student, hiding for cover on the top of a van, while hoards begin to enter the area. Another "How to Cook Zombie" notecard will appear and state the player can press (B/Circle) to evade attacks or use them to create more effective combo attacks.

Once a certain amount of Zombies have been slaughtered, the back of a bus will abruptly crash into another closed gate, causing more zombies to appear. A "How to Cook Zombie" notecard will recommend to the player that they use a special combo which will initiate the famous QTE attack where the player will rip a zombie from the groin to the head. 

(B/Circle) + (Y/Triangle)

After completing a Kill Zombie task, the player must once again enter a bus only to proceed with a cutscene where reckless zombies crash into one another. Once escaping the flipped bus, Juliet finds another SOS Student clinging unto a pole for safety, in which the player is expected to save him. A "How to Cook Zombie" notecard will state that the player can use the right analog stick to adjust camera angles during gameplay. It also jokingly admonishes the player not to peek up skirts, but if the player were to be defiant, an achievement may occur. 

Once all the zombies have been defeated, the SOS Student will fall from the pole and reward the player with Zombie medals. Afterwards Zombies will then begin to rise from the ground and the SOS Student will noticeably  have a health bar above his head, while a "How to Cook Zombie" notecard will state that the student is still in need of physical protection. The player must further protect the vulnerable student and initiate a QTE to a closed gate in order to progress. Once opened the player will find panicing students, evacuating to the inside of the school while a zombie horde and the Helicopter pass by. 


Zombie Star Souls charge your meter. Press {RT} to use. You might get lucky!

Realizing the difficulty of the dilemma, the player will be given a "How to Cook a Zombie" notecard informing the player about Star Soul Power that can be retrieved by killing zombies taking their Soul Stars. It is recommended that the player activate Star Soul Power by pressing the Right Trigger/R2 in order to alleviate the extremity of the horde; maybe even getting the chance to activate Sparkle Hunting. Failure to protect the student from the horde will result in a "Strong Zombie" in which the student will become infected and glow a strong red color where he begins to turn on his protector (the player). 

After defeating a specified amount of zombies, a QTE cutscene will play and a student inside a van begins losing control when a zombie on his van causes him to panic. Another set of zombie appear only to become groggy from an accident caused by the van. It is recommended that the player deal with the groggy zombies before attacking any other enemies that stay afoot. This allows the player to ease the number of the horde and obtain more medals through sparkle hunting.

Once the player finishes the task, the Helicopter will fly off with the emergency bed. The bed will be empty if the player fails to save the SOS Student, allowing a zombie to accidentally get in and cause the pilot to crash land somewhere near the front gate of the school. If the student was saved, Juliet will wave to the pilot, while zombies latch on to the student, still creating a similar scenario. 


A fallen Copter

Witnessing the tragic event, Juliet expresses her sympathy and concern for the pilot. But this is easily forgotten, when Juliet receives a phone call from her Mom, checking on her daughter. This is to reveal to the player that they can receive collectable phone messages from their family and can answer or ignore a phone call during progress. Juliet will then notice a Chop2Shop nearby her location, and inappropriately express that despite what occured recently, it is a perfect opportunity to purchase items. 

The next task of the player is to reach crash site of the fallen Helicopter. Due to a blockade the player must circumvent their trail and enter a building-like area. The player will encounter several zombies, one of which may be Mikaela an Album Zombie the player can collect. After another Kill Zombie task is complete, the player must progress, finding large pipes blockading the way. This is another QTE:

(Y/Triangle) + (Left Trigger Down)

Finding the site, Juliet is suddenly bombarded with another horde. A "How to Cook Zombie" notecard will admonish the player to use a combo:


In order to alleviate the hostility of the horde.  It is recommended that the player use this combo frequently throughout the "Kill Zombie" phase, so that they can escape the phase quickly. If the player is at a certain difficulty they may encounter Uber zombies, and old couple in their way. If the player was wise enough and saved enough Star Souls, they should immediately use Star Soul Power in order to quickly defeat the powerful zombies. 

The player should proceed towards the crash site, by pressing (B/Circle) so that Juliet can slide over the barricade.


Two Star-Crossed Lovers

A cutscene will then play, where the pilots (who are really police officers), attempt to shoot the now infected Students down, but retreat when the bullets show no effects, leaving the gates to the school closed.

The player must then defeat the students in order to reach the school. Once all of the zombies are defeated, a second wave appears, as "Uber Zombies" known as Hazmats come to attack Juliet. Completing the task, the player must then kick the gates open and enter the yard of the school.  

An ending cutscene to the Stage will appear, where Juliet is finding her beloved Nick. Oblivious to her surroundings, a zombie that resembles the one who caused the Helicopter to crash, begins to walk towards her. When the zombie gets too close, Nick courageously attempts to save Juliet, but is bitten at the wrist when Nick's hand began strangling the zombie.

Juliet then dismembers the zombie and caresses Nick before his possible death or early stages of becoming a zombie. A black background with the words "Fin" try to convey that this is the end of the game, but Juliet interrupts it in order to save Nick. She raises her chainsaw and begins cutting Nick's head as he cowers in fear.

SOS StudentsEdit

Image Gender Number Location Status
Male 1/3 Parking Lot Deceased
Female 2/3 A Van in the Parking Lot Deceased
Male 3/3 A Pole in the Parking Lot Deceased (Saved)
Dead Zombie (Not Saved)

Special ZombiesEdit

Image Name Gender Album# Enemy Type Powers Status
George zombie
George Male #01 Student Zombie Strong Zombie:
More damage
Mikaela Female #02 Student Zombie Strong Zombie:
Faster Smacks
Increased Agility
Jerry Male #03 Hazmat Hazmat Major:
Toxic Breath
Increased Health


Opening CutsceneEdit

Gameplay Edit

Ending SceneEdit


  • The last SOS Student claims that his favorite president is Warren G. Harding. It is possible that this is meant to be a sexual reference, as Harding was known to have had extramarital affairs with four other women. 



Familiar looking zombies

  • It is possible that the SOS Students became zombies after the Helicopter crashed at the school, as the zombies near the gates resemble the students that the player saved earlier in the game. 
  • The first SOS Student encountered is seen being consumed by zombies, but doesn't die or transform until the crash of the Helicopter occurs.
  • The info card telling the player about Juliet's Phone misspells receives as "recieves".
  • At the beginning of the level, in the Courtyard where Nick was waiting for Juliet at, the fountain behind Nick, has statues of Elephants. This could be a foreshadowing of Lewis Legend, the fifth boss in the game. 


Unclean and Uncool
Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy
Defeated Hazmat in Prologue.
Life Guard
Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy
Rescued all classmates in Prologue.
NOOb Zombie Hunter
Silver Ps3 silver trophy
Clear Prologue, surpassing Dad's score.


Lollipop Chainsaw Gameplay Walkthrough Prologue Hard Mode

Lollipop Chainsaw Gameplay Walkthrough Prologue Hard Mode

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