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Psychedelia also known as Mariska's Mind is one of the locations in the game Lollipop Chainsaw. It is referred to unnofficially as Mariska's Mind as their is the presence of a psychedelic background and unexplained events happening inside of it.


The area has a platform that is a compilation of school bus's clumped into one circular form, with eight American flags on the side. In the middle of the platform lies what appears to be a portal, that is colored a reddish and black tone, somewhat resembling the Rotten World. And the rest of it is surrounded by a dark, kaleidoscope-patterned background. It also appears to have some glass-like qualities to its composition, as Juliet escaped it by breaking the barrier, shattering as she exited.


Please see Boss Fight: Mariska for more details.




Concept ArtEdit


  • There are many references that relate to historical anti-war protests and the 'hippie' counter-culture, reflective of Mariska's dress and personality.


  • The red abyss-like center of Psychedelia appears to be a portal, as Juliet and Mariska arise from it. But Juliet appears to be able to escape when Mariska is weaken.
  • Parts of the concept art was used as a background for Psychedelia.

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