Lollipop Chainsaw Official Soundtrack - ATARI TEENAGE RIOT - 04 SPEED02:51

Lollipop Chainsaw Official Soundtrack - ATARI TEENAGE RIOT - 04 SPEED

This video is credited to: G4MERtv

Speed is a 1995 digital hardcore song performed by Atari Teenage Riot. In Lollipop Chainsaw, it plays in the part of Stage 6 where Juliet is catching up to Killabilly while avoiding his laser attacks.


News, drug abuse to the future
And the hypocrites cry who dies next
And I tell you a story from the underground
Nothing funny about get down to get hyped

Kill me and no one's gonna miss me
Feel the heat of the highway
To the car to the key of reality

More and more and more
And there's no way back
I am, yes, I can
You may not count in the new world order

And now it's time to die
'Cause I can see the sun the end is near
I'm feeling high
How fast can I run?

Rising, rising to the top
The pills are ready to be dropped
1, 2, 3 and 4
Got the joker, shoot the score

I just wouldn't believe it

Tomorrow, tomorrow, always tomorrow
There is no future in the western dreaming
We feel it, we must beat 'em
It's too late to create a new world

Alternative living, it must be given a chance
Water the problem's solution
No solution if you can't use it
And then I heard the siren of the police
My blood went up to 90 degrees

You can't see white cats in the snow
Couldn't catch us
Oh, human being
How long can you go?

Rising, rising to the top

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