Stage 1
Stage 1
What Happened at San Romero High?


11:20 a.m.


Nick Roulette (Addition)
Chainsaw Dash (Upgrade)


San Romero High School




Stage 2

Stage 1, also known as What Happened at San Romero High? is the second level of the game Lollipop Chainsaw. It takes place in the San Romero High School.



Nick's unfortunate state

The next stage begins when the audience sees the world through the eyes of Nick. Nick is growing conscious, some time later after he was bitten by a zombie. Nick looks into the eyes of Juliet and asks about his condition.

Her reply is relieving, but her tone is pessimistic, implying that something negative has also occurred. Impressed, Nick boasts about his well-being until he begins to realize that his body is missing, thus he begins to panic.

Feeling guilty, Juliet reasonably tries to explain to Nick about his unusual condition, as she performed a magical ritual on his head in order to prevent Nick from submitting to the final stages of becoming a zombie from the venom of the bite. Curious about her sudden capability to resurrect him, Nick begs to ask why she happens to sustain such convenient knowledge. She then hesitantly explains to Nick about a secret that she has been urging to keep for so long, while Nick spots zombies, suddenly in the classroom who begin to reach towards them.

She then tells him that she is a Zombie Hunter a sworn protector from the undead. Nick is unaware of what she means and is then plopped unto a hook attached to her belt. Juliet then turns around and runs the engine of her Chainsaw, begging Nick to refrain from any dislike he may have against her prior to future actions.

As the cutscene ends, the player is then given full control over gameplay. The player must defeat the horde of zombies who are suddenly present in the room, while Nick complains about his uncomfortable condition.

After killing the zombies in the "Kill Zombie" mini-phase, another zombie gets into the room to inform them that lunch has begun. The player must then proceed through the game whether killing this zombie or not, and will encounter students in the hallway from a far distance who are then suddenly killed by the fallen rubble caused by a sudden explosion.

Stage 1-15

The player must kick through a door (X/Square) to the next classroom, where the player is introduced to Mr. Fitzgibbon and a quad of sitting zombie students. Fitzgibbon then proceeds to insult Juliet and commands the student zombies to begin attacking Juliet. A "How to Cook Zombie" notecard will appear to inform the player that they can use: 


—To jump or leapfrog

When in front of a zombie in order to "leapfrog" over an enemy. This is useful for evading, passing through or as a way to combine with other combos such as:

(Leapfrog) + (Y/Triangle) - Lollipop Split

—To defeat enemies in a short amount of time

(Leapfrog) + (X/Square) - Body Bash

—To escape enemy numbers

(Jump) + (X/Square) - Dropkick

—To repel and/or stun enemies

(Jump) + (A/Cross) - Lollipop Stab

— To eradicate the annoyance of crawling zombies

(Jump) + (Y/Triangle) - Jump Stab

—To deplete enemy health quickly

Killing the first wave of the horde, Fitzgibbon summons even more zombies to begin a "test" for Juliet and Nick. Out of the player's reach, Mr. Fitzgibbon leaps out of the classroom, presumably escaping possible doom from Juliet.

The player must then kick through another door, where Nick notices graffiti that describe the idea of a festival filled with zombies and bombs. The player must then continue towards the hallway, where a cutscene will play showing a quad of students being attacked by a group of rabid zombies. The cutscene will then quickly pan towards a student from a far distance, who is attempting to fend for himself, but quickly fails. A "Kill Zombie" phase will be initiated and it will be revealed that the student from that far distance is another SOS Student

Stage 1-20

The first SOS Student

It is highly recommended to the player that they charge towards the SOS Student as quickly as they possible can from the impending doom from the zombies. The closest students that are being attacked are merely used as a distraction to stray away from the only student that can actually be saved. Attempting to save them will come as no benefit to the player as they will die when removing them from their attacking zombie.

Also note that failure to protect the SOS Student will once again result in his transformation, causing him to become a Strong Zombie and a great threat to the player. 

Once the player has decided to not save/save the SOS Student and battle the horde, they must inspect the classrooms that are along their right hand side. The farthest room contains a female student who is struggling to get up while she lays on the counter of a lab sink. The nearest room reveals an injured SOS Student who is being confronted with two hostile zombies. The last room the player chooses to enter will have Mr. Fitzgibbon returning back to the school through a window. He will then lift up a mysteriously sudden podium from the ground and will begin attacking the player, revealing him to actually be an Album Zombie.

Mr. Fitzgibbon Returns

Mr. Fitzgibbon returns

It would be advised to the player to enter the nearest room last as tackling Mr. Fitzgibbon would be difficult when accompanied with a large hoard on the farthest room. If this tactic is met, the player must first target the two zombies that are attacking the SOS Student since Album Zombies will only target the player. By using low attacks, the zombies will become disabled and more vulnerable to defeat. After killing the two zombies, the player must then target Mr. Fitzgibbon. Use stun attack combos to make him groggy and Mr. Fitzgibbon could be easily killed with no more than two or three hits. 

Once the player collects Gold Zombie Medals from the saved SOS Student, a cutscene will play where a walking Zombie will be displayed wearing dynamite around their body. Suspenseful music then begins to warp and the zombie then explodes, causing a window in the hallway to break. The player must then continue towards the hallway into the window, where another cutscene will play showing desperate policmen, fending themselves until the great number of the horde begins to engulf them. If the player attempts to save them a bus will inconveniently crash into the hallway, thus blocking the path between the player and the officers.

The player must then walk towards the other direction and through the way, the player will find a QTE Chainsaw Icon, in which if the player were to initiate, they will find a mysteriously blue headless, but not hostile zombie body. A cutscene will then play where Juliet states that in order to progress, they need Nick to break through the rubble blocking the door. Skeptical due to his bodiless condition, Juliet explains that the same ritual that was used to resurrect Nick was also able to give him other abilities.

Blue Headless Zombie Minigame

The player must walk towards the body and press (A/Cross), where Juliet will attach Nick to the body. This reveals and introduces the concept of the Nick Zombie Minigame. The player will then be able to play as Nick, as he lifts a tank and the player is to press random buttons that correspond with the screen. Once the player successfully manages to reach the rubble, Nick will throw the tank, causing an explosion that will destroy the blockade. 

Upon entrance, the player will discover the Nick Ticket, where Juliet informs Nick about how she can use it to transform Nick into an arsenal weapon (A Chop2Shop.zom will also be available for the player to presumably purchase more items or the newly discovered one). 

Stage 1-51

How to Cook Zombie

As the player progresses towards the hallway, they will discover another SOS Student from an inconvenient distance, surrounded by a group of zombies, who are particularly waving their arms. A "How to Cook Zombie" notecard will appear and state that the player can use the Nick Ticket to play Nick Roulette by pressing your Left Analog Stick Down.  

The player is recommended to once again charge towards the student before the hoard manages to infect him. Like many others, the SOS Student will become a Strong Zombie when not defended from the hoard. When zombies from the lockers suddenly burst into the hallway, the player must leapfrog over them in order to continue rushing to his reach. Once there it would be an appropriate time to use Nick Roulette. Use Nick Toss (Only available attack during this stage) to stun all the zombies surrounding the student. The precision of the player's distance from the zombies may result in their deaths rather than typically stunning them. 

After saving the Student, Juliet is rewarded a gratuitous amount of Zombie Medals and a Star Soul to fill her meter. Afterwards, a zombie teacher will be seen opening a door that will unleash another set of zombies. The player will be left to fend on their own. It would be advised to reuse the Nick Ticket in order to progress quickly through the Kill Zombie mini-phase. 

Stage 1-59

A defeated teacher

The zombie teacher will once again open the door, but is shot in the head before he was capable of doing any true harm. It is revealed that one of the police officers were responsible for the shot, and Juliet thanks him for his good act. The police officer will the begin to target Juliet for odd reasons, but by close inspection by Nick the police officer is actually zombie. This police officer is also an Album Zombie of the name Ryu, and if the player wishes to proceed quickly they will be advised to use Star Soul Power to quickly finish him off if not a (Stun + Strike) attack. A "How to Cook Zombie" notecard may appear to inform the player about Album Zombies are stored in the album.

The player will see another blast door with a QTE Chainsaw Icon, where the player must initiate it. Upon completion a student that familiarly resembles a student that was seen in the Prologue driving a van, begins to runs away in the hallway, but is unfortunately captured by a Bomber Zombie and is killed in an explosion. Two female bomber zombies then begin to enter, whereas Juliet states that the zombies can be defeated if the player were to hit them and quickly run away before they explode (A Stun + Strike can easily be used as well).  

The player must then proceed through the step way that the Bomber Zombies entered, where upon enter will show a reckless zombie bus driver is seen suddenly crashing towards the player. The player must then go towards a column and begin a QTE where they must saw it in order to stop the colliding bus. The player must then jump on and over the bus (B/Circle) where they will find a female student hanging from a ledge, while zombies attempt to snatch her. This will initiate another "Kill Zombie" phase, showing the student to be another SOS Student. 

Similar to before, if the player doesn't manage to save the SOS Student in time, she will grabbed by a Bomber Zombie from near the window of the ledge and an explosion will occur on the higher level of the school, implying that she died. If the player manages to save her, she will land safely on the ground and will repeat the expected reward of gratuitous amounts of Zombie Medals. 

An explosion from the higher level of the school will cause student zombies that were present on that floor to fling out to the lower level, in which the player must once again confront.

The player must proceed towards the back of a crashed bus in order to reach the higher level. The player will then discover two students who will then insist the player to follow them for safety. One of the students who was opening the blast door turns around to shriek, as behind Juliet and Nick reveal a sudden explosion. The students will then unexpectedly close down the blast door leaving the player trapped within the hallway. 

The player can only progress, by proceeding towards a classroom on their side. Upon entrance will reveal three students strapped with dynamite around their body. A cutscene will then play showing a male Bomber Zombie and what appears to be a female Fire Zombie, who will begin hugging in the hallway, causing a fiery reaction to occur, allowing Fire Zombies to become present, and creating destruction within the classroom. The SOS Students in the classroom will die if any Fire Zombie have any contact with them

Stage 1-106

How convenient

Pole from ceiling will then drop to the floor, perfectly vertical for the player to use. The pole is an item that will allow the player to initiate a QTE that can be used for both travel and combat. What is recommended to the player is that the get near the pole, and only use it when the Zombies get close enough. The player must first press (Y/Triangle) and repeat it in order to continue using it for attack.

If the player fails to press (Y/Triangle) quick enough, it may end the QTE, forcing the player to kill all of the zombies through direct combat. If this were to occur it would be recommended for the player to use a Nick Ticket to initiate a Nick Toss attack, causing all the zombies to become groggy, and giving the player a chance to decapitate many zombies at once. If the player successfully uses the pole but is left with a few more zombies, this can be comprehended with low attacks (A/Cross). 

A gratuitous amount of zombie medals will be given to the player once they manage to save the SOS Students from harm. The player must then proceed to the green blast door and initiate a QTE in order to progress. The student from earlier who happened to be screaming is seen strapped with dynamite, being cuddled by a Fire Zombie, as he struggles to break free from her grasp. This results in a chain reaction, causing the two to explode and die. 

The other student on the other hand is on impending doom in the classroom of the other side. A "How to Cook Zombie" Notecard may appear and state that Fire and Bomber Zombies will explode upon contact, just as an early warning to the player. Nick will state that the SOS Student is deserving of death due to his failure to aid them out of harm, in contrast Juliet disapproves of Nick's plan, while he attempts to persuade to do so.

If the player wishes to save the SOS Student, they must attract the attention of the Bomber Zombies that are slowly walking towards the Student. The player must hit them then begin running towards the back of the classroom, far from the distance of the SOS Student. This will cause all of the threatening zombies to die off and the rest of the zombies will then begin to target the player. If the SOS Student is not saved, he will die and not transform into a zombie, as the Bomber Zombies will deplete his health completely. 

Stage 1-120

After clearing the room, the player must advance towards another green blast door, and initiate another Chainsaw QTE. When entering the other room, the hallway will suddenly explode and introduce the player about the idea of "Zombie Walk". The screen will pan towards the lower level of the school and find zombies warily moving around.

A "How to Cook Zombie" notecard will inform the player that they can perform a QTE where by press (A/Cross), the player can leap unto the heads of the zombies by repeatedly pressing (A/Cross) which by the end will lead to an unexpected death to the zombies as confetti explodes from their bodies, decapitating them in the process.

After the choices that the player made when encountering the zombies, a red blast door will suddenly open up. As Juliet and Nick progress through the long hallway, Nick asks Juliet where she is going. Juliet informs him that she is trying to find contact with her Sensei, Sensei Morikawa. As Nick questions if he is her teacher, Juliet easily misinterprets the question and believes Nick to have knowledge of Japanese, in which he easily states he doesn't.  

After reaching the end of the hallway, the player will find a door with a Chainsaw QTE Icon, in which the player must initiate. Upon entrance, the school begins to shake and the player will find a small room that is organized with various objects to create a trail. At the end the player will find a double-door that has been vandalized with the words:

 Zombie basketBall
 Time limit: 3 min.
 You loXse and

Stage 1-133

Zombie Basketball

Upon entrance Nick realizes that the game has already begun and the zombies have already taken the lead in a hundred points. An announcer will be heard speaking as the game begins and will ask the player (or rather Juliet) about how skilled they possibly are. A "Game Start!" Icon will appear on the screen to signify that the player must now act and this thus introduces the idea of the Basketball Minigame.

As the minigame begins, a "How to Cook Zombie" notecard will inform the player that by decapitating a zombie, they will earn points based on how many zombies they kill. It will also note the player that they can also score three pointers, which mean one successful decapitation will give the player free three points instead of one. 

Tips: Use the Dropkick [(B/Circle)+ (X/Square)] on the horde and follow up with a Chainsaw slice (Y/Triangle).

Tips: Only use Star Soul Power when enemy numbers are at a high

The player will be introduced to a new enemy-type in the minigame called the Basketball Zombies, who are more evasive and stealthy in combat. Once the player successfully decapitates zombie(s), the screen will transition into a minor gameplay cutscene where it will show the heads of the zombies getting into the basket, creating a twinkly glow to signify that the player has at least one point if not three.

Later on the player will find more enemies or enemy-types entering court, as more Basketball Zombies will enter to defend the basket, preventing any points from being scored and in which a cutscene will play to inform the player. In higher difficulties Cheerleader Zombies may be encountered, (although this is not intended to be their debut). If in any case this occurs, the player must try to evade from making any contact with this enemy-type as they are more difficult to kill and will slow the player down. 

When successful, the player has thus achieved one point higher that the competing zombies. The game will end, the announcer will congratulate Juliet and the player will achieve a gratuitous amount of zombie medals. As the doors that follow the path to Sensei Morikawa open, Juliet questions the source of the mysterious announcer that speaking throughout the entire minigame. 

Stage 1-137

Cartwheel Bomber

As the player passes through, they may particularly notice that there are many red gas tanks surrounding them around the exit room of the basketball court. Upon entrance a bomber zombie in a cartwheel will suddenly appear crashing through another door from another zombie. This introduces the player to Cartwheel Bombers, an enemy-type that cannot be combated and is a way to force the player out of a particular area.

When the player escapes the Cartwheel Bomber, the exit room is closed shut from the rubble, caused by the explosion of the dynamite strapped around the zombie. The player will notice a Hazmat from a far distance, who was likely the one who pushed the Cartwheel Bomber into the room. The Hazmat will flee the scene quickly enough to escape the player's grasp, but a Chop2Shop.zom will be available at the player's location, implying that the player has reached a check point. It would be wise for the player to purchase as many Nick Tickets or Lollipops as they can, as this will prepare the player for the various sets of hoards later within the game. 

Beyond the check point, another set of zombies will suddenly rush through the hallway. If on a higher difficulty the player may encounter Album Zombie Juan, who is another Basketball Zombie Enemy-type with increased stamina and health. Use a Nick Ticket and initiate Nick Toss to stun all of the zombies in your path, then follow up with a Chainsaw slash to decapitate many at once and achieve Sparkle Hunting.

Once the player accomplishes defeating the hoard, they must follow the path from which they came from, which is a door on the left side of the hall. Entering the room they will find a smoggy, dark classroom filled with Student and Fire Zombies. There is a Zombie Teacher that is at the far end of the classroom behind a podium, and if on a higher difficulty that zombie may just happen to be another Album Zombie named Roberta.

Basic attacks can be used against this hoard and the Lollipop Split will become a useful move if the player happens to encounters an Album Zombie. Ending the hoard, a stack of various tables block the way for the player. A Blue Headless Zombie will jump out of a window for the player's convenience, signifying another Blue Headless Zombie Minigame is about to occur. 

Stage 1-145

Damn Kids. Pussy Power!

When completing the minigame Nick will throw a red gas tank to eliminate the blockage, only to have two Fiery Zombie Police Officers enter the room. One of these Zombies happen to be Stephanie, who is a Zombie in the Album. Use another Nick Ticket to activate Nick Toss and the duo will become groggy, and can be easily defeated with a slice. 

Once the player progresses through the door, they will find a secluded hallway with seemingly dead bodies on the ground. Before a "Kill Zombie" mini-phase begins, the player is interrupted by another "How to Cook Zombie" notecard stating that the player can "Beat Dad's High Score" on the leaderboards online. Upon further entrance, the player will encounter zombies gaining consciousness and jumping out from the lockers. They will become hostile and the "Kill Zombie" phase will begin.

Use another Nick Ticket to stun all the zombies of the first wave then follow up with a Chainsaw Slash. If all Nick Tickets are missing use low attacks or combo moves and avoid using Star Soul Power, as the player may need that for a more important event near the end of the stage.

The hazmat from earlier will raise up the blast door to reveal four bomber zombies (one of which may be Jay in higher difficulties) and behind lies a group of four fire zombies. Leapfrog over or pass through the fire zombies so that the bomber zombies will hug them and as a result will cause immediate death to the entier horde. 

As another wave of zombies similar to the first one arrives from the aid of the Hazmat, Juliet expresses an irritation from the Hazmat's devious behavior. Again from the first phase, use low attacks or Nick Tickets to attack the zombies and avoid using Star Soul Power.

The final enemy is a fight between the player and the Hazmat from before. Use leapfrog (B/Circle) in between combo attacks to evade damage to the player's health during attacks. The player can also use Butt Attack to stun the enemy and follow up with a Chainsaw slice. At death the Hazmat's final words were: 


Another blast door from the farther side opens for the player to use. Upon entrance a loading screen will appear, indicating that the player has just reached a save point. At the other side a Chop2Shop.zom will be available for the player to use. It would be recommended to purchase more Nick Tickets whenever the player dies and wishes to still continue from where they left rather then return to a check point.

Going up a fleet of stairs, Juliet will ludicrously state that killing zombies causes her to become aroused, in which Nick replies that to be a really strange statement. At the top, the player must kick through a door which will initiate a cutscene to transition from the last save point. 

Stage 1-159

Awkward scene

Upon entrance, Juliet will begin to walkthrough an oblivious horde to later meet the Sensei she mentioned about earlier. A short man in brown clothing then recognizes Juliet as she calls out his name. Before interacting, Morikawa Sensei begins to rapidly slice all the zombies that surround them. As fish suddenly appear around the area, Juliet introduces Morikawa Sensei to her boyfriend Nick, in which he returns a joking pun. As Nick is introduced to Morikawa's convenient knowledge about zomboid sciences, an illustrative cutscene plays to educate the player about the reason for the sudden zombie apocalypse. 

As Morikawa begins to speak, he states that the universe is comprised of three dimensions: EarthRotten World, and the Land Beyond Words. He later comes to mention that someone must have had set a bomb that opened a gate between Earth and Rotten World, causing the Rotten World's toxic fumes to seep into Earth, in which the students of San Romero inhaled, causing them to become the undead

Morikawa recommends that the only way to end the Zombie Apocalypse is to kill all the unsalvageable zombies of San Romero and stop the bomber's diabolical plans. Morikawa predicts that the bomber must be somewhere below the cafeteria that they currently are or in the courtyard of the school, in which Morikawa suggests that he tackles the latter. As Morikawa teleports to the Courtyard, Juliet notices that is a bomb that is poorly disguised as a cake for her. She leaps down and chooses to tackle it.

As the player regains control over gameplay, a mysterious voice appears speaking from a microphone, giving out a sarcastic threat to whoever those that are around. Surrounded by a large horde, use Star Soul Power to eliminate the superfluous enemy numbers. Decapitating the zombies allow easy chances for Sparkle Hunting and helps the player progress to the next phase more quickly and efficiently to inspect the cake.

Stage 1-177

Worst explodiest cake EVER!

Fire Zombies will begin to leap into the room, wanting to make contact with inconvenient bomb. Juliet will state a ludicrous assumption, humorously believing that the perpetrator is someone who befriended her on Facebook. Since the Fire Zombies will ignite the bomb, the player must prevent and kill the zombies in order to stop them from touching the "cake".

Use Dropkick to repel the zombies from the bomb; they will become groggy when making contact with the nearest wall and will give the player an opportunity to decapitate the zombie. As you complete the "Kill Zombie" phase, Cartwheel Bombers suddenly appear and crash into the location of the room. As the mysterious voice maniacally laughs an entrance out of the Cafeteria is made, in which the player must charge towards if they wish to escape the difficult phase before the time limit depletes.

As the bomber presses the trigger, the dynamite explodes, forcing Juliet to escape a burning High School. Morikawa is reencountered at the Courtyard where he accidentally lands in the chest of Juliet. As Juliet recognizes the bomber, she realizes that he is Swan a bullied Gothic Outcast of San Romero High. Somehow Swan has managed to obtain the whereabouts of Black Magic and Explosives in order to accomplish his diabolical plot.

As Juliet angrily asks Swan his motivations, Swan replies with a meaningless taunt, in which Nick returns a defensive threat which he later withdraws knowing he is not capable of helping Juliet in his current condition. Swan continues his reign of terror by initiating a dark ritual, which attracts Morikawa's attention, forcing himself towards Swan in order to stop him.

Dark Purveyors
As five colorful orbs begin to toss Morikawa Sensei around, he is eventually tossed back towards Juliet, where he humorously lands in her chest once again. As he collapses, he is presumed dead from the attack of the five mysterious orbs. As the orbs begin to interact with Swan, he begins to command them into infecting any living thing that they encounter as they spread their lethal forces across the land of San Romero. These five orbs are the Dark Purveyors, supernatural zombies who will obey the command of a chosen master. 

As Swan begins to initiate the ritual, he commands one of the Dark Purveyors to begin targeting Juliet. He calls out the name of the Dark Purveyor Zed, as he takes his physical form he challenges Juliet with an intimidating stare. He then scolds her, yelling out "PISS OFF!", causing her to be flung away from San Romero High. 

Juliet and Nick land roughly at a Junkyard due to the unnatural strength of Zed's abilities. Juliet's attention is later drawn towards a prominent screen, which by view will also reveal the Purveyor that took them to this location. Zed announces his himself through a microphone in his hand. 

As the player regains control over gameplay, they are forced to follow a maze composed of randomly chosen cars of San Romero that leads to the location to Zed. Along the way Zed will begin screaming into his microphone and red block words will begin to manifest and start flying towards the player. Evade this by pressing (B/Circle) in order to avoid contact with the harmful letters. 

During segments through the trail, the player will encounter zombie enemies that become obstacles to the player as they progress through the stage. For the first set of enemies basic attacks can be used to easily defeat them. Dropkicks and follow-up slices help make combat quicker. 

The next segment in the trail involves the utilization of QTE's in the game. Quickly press (Y/Triangle) as the car begins to fall on the player. Once the next QTE button appears, press (B/Circle) to evade the attack. Failure to succeed in these QTE's will lead to the death of the player and the screen will play a Game Over sign to their defeat. 

Going through the next part of the trail, Zed will scream once again in his microphone, flinging letters at the player. Simply continue to run towards the end of the segment to evade the attack. At the end, a Car will be present for the player to initiate another QTE where they must saw half of a blocking car.

The next segments contains another set of zombies, in which in higher difficulties may contain Uber Zombie enemy models Marie and David. If the player conveniently has a Nick Ticket present in their inventory, use it to initiate Nick Toss to stun all the surrounding enemies and follow up with slices to achieve Sparkle Hunting. If such item is not present for the player's advantage, use Star Soul Mode or leapfrog in-between attacks to evade any damage.

When accomplished, a Cheerleader silhouette icon will appear in order to signify the player can progress in the stage. The player must then press (B/Circle) in order to slide on a metal support beam. There will be zombie enemies lying on the ground that will arise to attack the player. Use low attacks to potentially decapitate these enemies, but be cautious of Zed's letters as they will still fling during this point in the trail.

Initiate a Chainsaw downward slice on a QTE wire-fenced door. Another QTE series will initiate and a spotlight will begin to dangerously spin on the player. Evading the attack, a car falls on the players. Back-flipping away, another door-less car will leap towards the player, in which they must jump through the doors in order to evade. At the end, the recent car will have had crashed somewhere near the player's location.

A gratuitous amount of zombie medals will be the result for destroying the car. Quickly press (B/Circle) whenever various objects begin to collapse on the player and whenever QTE icons appear for the player. Failing to do so will once again result in the player's death.

Next the player must progress towards a support beam and kick it in order to create a slide/path for the player (Press [B/Circle] then [X/Square] to initiate). Press (B/Circle) in order to jump unto beam and into the next. The character Juliet will be noted for her humorous act of pushing a zombie out of the way.

Once the player gets closer to the boss, they can have the option of fighting the next set of zombies or ignore them and progress more quickly towards the boss. Fighting the zombies will give the player a chance to warm up and gain zombie medals before the start of a new enemy-type. Not fighting the zombies will have had prevent the risk of losing health during combat, something the player will need before they encounter the boss.

As a support beam falls on the player, press (Y/Triangle) to cut the beam and use (B/Circle) to evade the object. Press (Y/Triangle) to cut the following bottom of a car and then (B/Circle) again to interact with the next car by pressing (Y/Triangle). A Lollipop will be available for the player's benefit of use for health. Press (B/Circle) to jump over the ramp-like end of a bus.

Zed watching over Juliet

Zed looking over the stage

When the player finally manages to reach the stage, Zed is out of Juliet's reach of sight, oblivious to his presence above stage. Zed then attempts to strike her, as she evades the sudden attack. Zed then formally introduces himself to Juliet, later causing a fact screen to appear. As Juliet reads an influence, she becomes offended by the fact that Zed is abusive towards small animals. Juliet throws one of her lollipops in the air and the first boss battle then begins.

Once weakening Zed and slicing him down, Zed surprises the player by revealing his pain-resistant nature and continues to attack them by screaming vehemently, causing random speakers to fall from the sky. Destroying all the speakers, Zed summons another speaker that towered all the others in comparison.

As the play QTE slices the speaker, Zed will randomly stall the player to prevent them from destroying the speaker. Once the speaker falls Zed is weakened once again and is sliced in the middle. At his desperate, Zed will conduct his Death Wail were letters begin to fly all around him, nearly preventing anyone from hurting him. Zed is finally defeated with a slice downward.

As Zed mercifully screams for his life, Juliet begins slicing him down, creating a mess of blood all over Zed. His hand gets detached and creates a Middle-fingered gesture when he tries to protect himself using his arms. Zed then slowly begins collapse as his mutilated halves humorously scream to express his pain. 


A dying Sensei

Juliet sighs as she believes Zed's screaming is an overreaction. Juliet then looks up and grabs the Lollipop she threw in the air from earlier and begins to eat it. Once deceased, Zed recites a mysterious speech in an unfamiliar language, while evaporating into spiritual energy. Sensei Morikawa, who was presumed dead before the battle, returns grasping for life, as he walks towards Juliet to warn her about the last remaining Purveyors. He comes with bad news, claiming that the Purveyors have spread around San Romero and have successfully infected nearly every living thing in it. Any signs of life are currently quite scarce.

Before his death, he bring Juliet his word of luck and a gift for aid for the Zombie Apocalypse. Morikawa then passes and his soul then leaves his body into an elevator that then lifts up to an angelic sky that is presumed to be the Land Beyond Words while Juliet waves him a final goodbye.

SOS StudentsEdit

Image Gender Number Location Status
Stage 1-20
Male 1/8 Hallway Alive (Saved)
Dead Zombie (Not Saved)
Stage 1-25
Male 1/4 Classroom Alive (Saved)
Dead Zombie (Not Saved)
Stage 1-50
Male 3/8 Against a Blast Door Alive (Saved)
Dead Zombie (Not Saved)
Stage 1-83
Female 1/2 Ledge of a window Alive (Saved)
Deceased (Not Saved)
Stage 1-99
Unisex 7/8 Corner of a classroom Alive (Saved)
Deceased (Not Saved)
Stage 1-114
Male 8/8 Classroom Alive (Saved)
Deceased (Not Saved)

Special ZombiesEdit

Image Name Gender Album# Enemy Type Powers Status
Jay Male #04 Student Zombie Bomber Type:
Detonates when provoked
Ryu Male #05 Police Officer Uber Zombie:
Charging Baton
Fiery Bullets
Stephanie Female #06 Police Officer Uber Zombie:
Charging Baton
Fiery Bullets
Juan Male #07 Student Zombie

Uber Zombie:
Evasive Speed
Faster Smacks

Mr. Fitzgibbon Male #08 Zombie Teacher Weapon Carrier:
Faster Smacks
Desk Slams
Zed 4
Zed Male #09 Boss Boss:
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Opening Cutscene Edit

Gameplay Edit

Ending SceneEdit

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Final SceneEdit



  • When Swan implanted bombs within the school, this may be a reference to the Columbine High School Massacre where two assumed Goth teens massacred students at a high school due to constant bullying.


Marie Pamphlet

Marie's photo at the right.

  • This is the only Stage where the title is present during gameplay.
  • Marie, a Named Zombie, is seen as a character for "Grandmother's Day" on flyers around the school. 
  • In a beta/prototype version that was presented at PAX 2011's Warner Bros. Interactive booth, this stage was called "I'm a zombie hunter...!" instead of "What Happened at San Romero High?"
    • In said prototype, Nick's line, "That guy gave me a D last week, kill him!" was missing the "kill him" part.
    • A Warner Bros. executive showcasing the demo at PAX 2011 said that they were planning on having all areas and survivors randomized every time the game is played. This never came to be in the final version.
  • This stage introduces the new enemy-types, Zombie Teachers, Bomber Zombies, Fire Zombies, Basketball Zombies, Cheerleader Zombies (Available only on Hard Mode or higher) and the Cartwheel Bombers.
    • The Bomber Zombies were foreshadowed during the introduction of Mr. Fitzgibbon, where he is seen writing about a Self-Destruction Tutorial on the chalkboard wall, where it is illustrating stick figures strapped with bombs and leaping .
    • The Cartwheel Bombers are exclusive to this stage and cannot be located anywhere else. 
  • Lewis Legend appears to be foreshadowed in this stage, as the cutscene between Juliet and Morikawa shows an illustration of elephants on the bottom of Earth.
  • During the Kill Zombie phase with Roberta, Nick yells out "Kill him before he blows up!", which is strange because there are multiple students in the classroom, and if he was referring to Roberta, that would mean he implied that she is male. 


Beginner Zombie Hunter
Silver Ps3 silver trophy
Clear Stage 1, surpassing Dad's score.
Accidental Vandalism
Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy
Destroyed 300 objects in the game.


4thGaming - Lollipop Chainsaw Stage 1 - What happened at San Romero High?

4thGaming - Lollipop Chainsaw Stage 1 - What happened at San Romero High?

This video is credited to: 4thGaming