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Stage 3, also known as Psychedlic Haze at O'Bannon Farm is the third stage of the game Lollipop Chainsaw. It takes place at the O'Bannon Farm. The stage is broken up between Juliet Starling attempting to rescue her sister Rosalind, and fighting the variety of undead farmers. Having just received the Chainsaw Blaster, the stage relies heavily on its use in order to break up large rocks and stop explosive tractors, as well as knock enemies off of Rosalind's bus. While the majority of the stage features Juliet moving through the various farmland fields, portions of the Stage force Juliet into a trippy alternate reality, highlighted by blue and purple hues, and inhabited by both small and large chickens.


Special ZombiesEdit



Legendary harvester
Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy
Harvested all crops in the 1st field with the combine in Stage 3.
Advanced Zombie Hunter
Silver Ps3 silver trophy
Clear Stage 3, surpassing Dad's score.