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The Catacombs is one of the locations seen in the game Lollipop Chainsaw. This is where Lewis Legend's boss fight with Juliet takes place. 


The Catacombs is a large underground arena, that is consistently colored shades of brown and black. Small headlights over the Catacombs provide small spotlights and visibility for the player. There appears to be a large podium designated for Swan and odd gold, skull king logos around the sides of the arena. Brown columns designed to resemble a stack of skulls are centered around Catacombs, which also presumably provide support for a field of energy to prevent the player from escaping in Phase 1.


Please see Boss Fight: Lewis Legend for more details.




  • During early parts of the boss fight, the background's mystical barrier will disappear and reappear in between cutscenes.
  • At the Cathedral, the Catacombs appears to have a smaller distance from above, but despite this, it takes Juliet longer to reach it. 
  • When Juliet reaches the Catacombs, there are no signs of rubble that was destroyed in order to reach there.

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