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The Junkyard, also known as The Mosh Pit, is one of the locations in the game Lollipop Chainsaw. It is referred to as The Mosh Pit by Zed. Zed's boss fight takes place here.


The sky of the Junkyard is completely black. There are several motor vehicles that surround the area, some of which are aligned to form a trail that leads to Zed's pit. There are a few spotlights that are nearer the sides of the Junkyard, and a few construction cranes and steel gates that act as obstacles to Juliet's arrival. 

Near to the stage of The Mosh Pit it can clearly seen a group of zombified teenagers are rocking to Zed's music. There is a large screen in the stage, that records all motion that occurs during the boss fight that also has an echoing, differentiating camera angle effect put into it. There are several show lights around the stage, with two that are constantly following Juliet and Zed, and indistinguishable wires that are scattered around the area. 


After Juliet and Nick fall into the Junkyard, the player must follow a long zig-zagged trail in order to reach Zed. Along the way, Zed will scream low-key Profanity Blasts (One flying letter at a time) at the player as a warm up before the Boss Fight. Zombies will also appear frequently along the trail, stalling the player and forcing them to fight enemies in order to continue. At other times Zed will scream, causing the cars and other various objects to fall on the player, presumably to warm up the player for finishing strikes and for the large speaker in Phase 2 of the Boss Fight. Near the end, the player must cut through various flying objects and jump over to the Mosh Pit with a School Bus as a ramp. 


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  • The term "Mosh Pit" used by Zed, is a term used to describe a crowd of people where they are slamming into one another commonly known as "moshing". This is seen within the crowd of zombies seen in the background of boss fight. 


  • Though there is a gap, there is no way to reach the zombies in the background of The Junkyard. 
  • If the player does not press the buttons quick enough in the quicktime events, the player will die immediately. 

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