Vaulting Box

The Vaulting Box (ボックスをボールト) is one of the environmental items/moves that Juliet uses in the game Lollipop Chainsaw.


The primary purpose of the vaulting box is to allow Juliet to transfer herself into another location. It is generally used to reach elevated or distant areas. If the player fails to achieve sufficient jump height (by pressing B/Circle repeatedly), Juliet will land unceremoniously on the top of the box, then respawn a short distance from the vaulting box for the player to try again.

If the player is able to successfully launch themselves off of the box, a short button prompt minigame will begin, in which pressing the displayed buttons correctly awards Gold Zombie Medals. The more correct button presses the player executes, the higher the reward. While, in most cases, Vaulting Boxes may be used repeatedly, they will only provide reward medals for correct button prompts one time.


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