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Vikke's Ship is one of the locations in the game Lollipop Chainsaw. The boss fight with Vikke takes place here.


The ship floats amongst the dark cloudy skies. The front head of his ship resembles that of a dragon (possibly a Midgard Serpent ). His ship is colored a gravely greyish blue with a brown wood inside. Inside it reveals that his ship is powered by several rafts and slaves. It has a long flag pole, thats flag is long, black and tattered. On the right side, their shows a large, skeleton-like arm. Near the far end is a foundation that holds a balcony with a demon skull, for Vikke's drums and what appears to be a leaf-less dark tree. 


Please see Boss Fight: Vikke for more details.


The ShipEdit



  • The skull monument near the balcony of Vikke's Ship appears to be based on the Horned God of the Wicca religion. 


  • Before the boss battle begins, a flag post is seen on the ship within the cutscene, it dissappears after the cutscene ends but reappears when the battle finishes.

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