Weight Limit Minigame
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Stage 5

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Josey's Arcade Minigames

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The Weight Limit Minigame is a minigame exclusive to Stage 5. After a given aid from Rosalind, Juliet and Nick ride on a platform to further reach into the unfinished cathedral. Juliet must secure the platform from any extra weight that will cause it to collapse, particulary the falling zombie enemies. Eventually the minigame will end, once enough zombies cause it to disassemble. 


Once the player places themself on the construction platform, the camera will begin to move, revealing that the platform can only support the weight of only 1000 kgs. Regular San Romero High School Zombies will fall from the construction site to begin creating weight for the platform. The player must begin to repeatedly slash the zombies as much as they can to prevent collapse. Eventually the great mass of overweight zombies will eventually cause the platform to succumb to the weight and will disassemble. Juliet will luckily survive, along with Nick, by holding unto an edge of the platform. Later she will be taken to another area in the cathedral. 





  • No matter what the player can do, they cannot prevent the platform from falling.
  • Juliet with chainsaw and nick's head weights 75 Kg.

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