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The Baseball Minigame, or Zombie Baseball, is one of the minigames that Juliet plays through in the game of Lollipop Chainsaw. It is featured towards the end of the Stadium, and is a combination of usage of Juliet's Chainsaw Blaster and the Nick Zombie Minigame .



The Minigame requires Juliet to protect her runner from the enemy Baseball players, standing from the batter's position as she fires at various Baseball and Cheerleader undead.

In order to win, Juliet must protect Nick as he makes 3 home runs around the field. Failure to protect him will result in the explosion of the Stadium.


As Juliet finally reaches the gift provided by Cordelia, the player is introduced to a whole new minigame. The player must first shoot the Baseball Zombies that are slowly rising from the pitchers mound. The player will not be allowed to escape the circular glowing logo that surrounds them.

The next phase will happen shortly, when a Blue Headless Zombie arises from the ground.


The player must now attach Nick's head unto the Blue Headless Zombie, and protect Nick from getting hit from zombies that rise from the plates. Each time Nick reaches a plate he will prance, making him vulnerable to attacks. Baseball zombies are the primary attackers, but Cheerleader zombies will also attack only at higher difficulties. The player will need to have Nick make at least three home runs before the minigame can end. 



  • This minigame is reminiscent of archaic, baseball arcade games.
  • A baseball zombie may exclaim "I'll Ted Williams your FACE", when attacking Nick during the minigame. Ted Williams is a famous baseball player, who is now deceased.


  • This is the only minigame that can only be played once in one stage.
  • A cheerleader zombie may exclaim "I should have been cheer captain!", which may imply that their were more cheerleaders, like Josephine, who became jealous when Juliet became cheer captain. 

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