Zombie Tractor Slaughter Minigame
Tractor Factor


Stage 3

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The Zombie Tractor Slaugter Minigame is a minigame exclusive to Stage 3. It features a confused Juliet and Nick who have recently grown conscious after escaping Psychedelia. The minigame involves Juliet finding herself on a tractor, and zombies amongst the fields. The goal is to eliminate a massive amount of zombies around the fields. After completing the task, Juliet will once again pass out and find themselves again in another area. 


Phase 1Edit

The player must move tractor around the grass fields and run over as many zombies as they can in order to reach to main goal. As the tractor moves the grass is cut along with the zombies. The zombies will cause no damage to the player.

Phase 2Edit

During this phase the player must repeat the same actions they did in the previous session, except they have to be observant of the strapped bomber zombies. These are a new addition to the phase, and will cause much damage to the player. The player is now limited in movement and must avoid the bomber zombies while at the same time slaughter the farmer zombies.



  • This minigame may be referencing "Hit and Run" arcade games.


  • The song that plays during this minigame is called "You Spin Me Round" by Dead or Alive.
  • Even though Juliet will talk to Nick, and Nick's voice can be heard, his head appears to be absent during the entire minigame.

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